Basement Waterproofing Is A Good Investment But How Long Does It Last?


Your basement is one of the first few rooms that will be affected by floods. So, the question now is “How do you waterproof your basement?” Read on to learn all about basement waterproofing and how to set your expectations.

Is waterproofing your basement a good investment?

A basement waterproofing company, Atlanta, Georgia would advise that this is indeed a good investment. There are a lot of methods involved here, such as using primers and paint to act as sealants or installing a French drain system, which is also known as exterior excavation waterproofing. There’s also interior excavation waterproofing, commonly known as a sump pump, do you know what is sump pump? There are even crack injections or you can choose to fix your backfilling.

There are so many options for waterproofing your basement that we understand how it can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, this process is beneficial to ensure that there are no further issues to your house’s foundation. A basement waterproofing company, Atlanta, Georgia know that the basement is the first one to attract moisture, which can cause all sorts of problem, from having high energy costs to health issues.

How long does basement waterproofing last?

Keep in mind that a basement waterproofing company, Atlanta, Georgia can provide you with so many options to doing this but it will always boil down to one thing – there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this problem. You need to consider a lot of factors before deciding on a method. With this, the lifespan of your basement waterproofing will always depend on the method you use.

Should you opt for a primer and crack injection, then you can expect this to last you at least 10 years. On another note, if applied correctly with quality materials, you can expect it to last longer. With exterior land grading and other techniques that involve excavation, waterproofing will last longer than the primer and crack injection method. This is because water is kept away from your home as much as possible.

Finding the right basement waterproofing company, Atlanta, Georgia

As mentioned, the lifespan of basement waterproofing will always depend on the materials and methods used. Most companies will offer you a 10-year warranty so you can expect to have it good until the 10-year mark.

Are there external factors that can affect this 10-year duration? Yes! The climate in the place that you live in can shorten your basement’s waterproofing. Other factors that can affect this include the modernity of your house’s structure and the number of electrical products and appliances that produce steam. Remember, steam can also cause moisture!

However, do not lose hope! The key to ensuring that your basement waterproofing last is finding the right company to do the job for you. In Atlanta, Georgia, there are so many options to choose from that it can be daunting. Find someone who has extensive experience in several waterproofing projects. If possible, ask for their portfolio to see the previous works that they have done to get a good idea as to their service.

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