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Bathroom Renovation: How to Complete the Project without Being Stressed Out

Bathroom Renovation: How to Complete the Project without Being Stressed Out

Renovating your bathroom can be quite exciting and fulfilling. However, this project will pay off, it can also be stressful, particularly if you have a small or oddly shaped bathroom. Because of the many steps to take when renovating a bathroom, knowing where to begin can be difficult. From the layout to the fixtures and flooring, there are many decisions you should make. 

Thankfully, having a plan in place and making realistic expectations can make YHIT bathroom renovations less stressful. This is especially possible if you hire the right renovation contractor. To make sure your renovation project goes smoothly, consider these tips:

Decide on the Layout

As you get started with the renovation, you want to make the most functional layout without compromising on the essentials. First, you must decide how you want your bathroom to function. Are you looking to have a tub or shower or both? Want a single or double vanity? Determining the layout and the way to fit the components you desire is the first step. 

Ensure there is Enough Storage

If you want to make the most out of your renovation project, particularly if you lack square footage, you must consider each storage option you have. Think about having shelves over your toilet because they add more surface for candles, towels, and other items. Also, it allows for more vertical space that can be used. 

Make the Most of the Small Space

If you have a big space, you won’t have a problem making the best layout. However, if you have a small space to work out, concentrate on creative storage solutions. This way, you do not have to sacrifice other essentials. Incorporate tall niches with several shelves in the shower or tub enclosures for storing toiletries. Also, have drawers in the vanity because they offer more storage. 

Get the Bathroom Lighting Right

No matter the size of your bathroom, you must get the lighting right. Add adequate lighting with several sources of light such as wall sconces, chandeliers, or ceiling pot lights. Ensure the light intensity and temperature are the same. Having optimal light is especially important if your bathroom does not have a window. 

Choose a Colour Palette

After you have decided on the layout and essential bathroom features, you must choose the finishes and a colour pallet. For a small bathroom, neutral colours with little contrast are ideal. You want to avoid contrasting colours because they define the boundaries, highlighting the size of your bathroom. 

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