Beautify Your House with Extravagant Roofing Designs!


The roof of your house has seen every aspect of you, being from dancing madly when no one was around, your shallow cries, your happiness seeing balloon spam on your birthday, and countless other memories! Your roof is not just a bricked structure, but an ocean you created with tiny drops of your happiness, sorrows, and countless memories.

Being such an important part of your home, why not give your roof a new look? With the best architects for roofing Calgary have the most renowned roofing companies, providing you an immense range of roof designs to choose from.

Trending Roof Designs

Canada never fails to mesmerize people with its spectacular architecture and standards of living. Exploring the city of Calgary, you will find houses with fascinating roof designs. Resorting to architects for roofing Calgary for the best roof designs give a new look to your house.

Here is a list of trending roof designs in Canada that will revive the elegance of your house and that you can give a try.


With the essence of modernity and elegance, flat roof designs enhance your house by manifolds. The roofs aren’t flat but have a negligible amount of slope allowing water and snow run-off. Flat roof designs can be commonly seen in Canada due to their cost-efficiency and elegant look.  


The luxurious roof design resembles the wings of a butterfly. The biggest advantage of installing a butterfly is the provision for larger windows, which is itself a symbol of elegance.


The extravagant roof design provides your home a unique look with a single sloping roof. Skillion roofs are angled flat-roofs, attached to a taller wall. Since the Canadian cities are covered with snow for months, these roofs are an excellent option as they allow quick water and snow run-off.


 The roof design is similar to its name- pyramid. It has four equal sides that converge as the height increases. These types of roofs pretty much expensive, which is the key reason for their uncommonness among Canadian houses.


Providing an essence of uniqueness to your house, curved roofs are a great option if you’re looking for graceful roof design. The curve can be an arc or a slight curve, giving your house a truly mesmerizing look.              


Small changes can enhance your house by manifolds. The roof plays a great role in beautifying your house. Choose from a wide range of roof designs in Calgary to give your house an extravagant look.