Benefit of Local Print Company for Business by Sean Wheelock & Linda Peltz


Current local print company market is interesting to look upon. As there is an intense competition between businesses and property management fresno ca to offer product and service of their own. Further, these product and service would need marketing form of advertising and promotion to market their brand.

One of the best form of marketing is implementing direct marketing to our potential customer. Direct marketing generally implemented by physical mail, banner and flyer printings, billboard and packages. This type of resource can be produced with local print company and surely bring benefits to any business.

Meet Sean Wheelock. He currently works for Dumont Printing, local print company in central valley. The company is 71 years old, and during the golden age they have been creating large quantities of print on demand service and custom packaging.

Dumont Printing also represent as the member of the Nationwide Printers Network in US, which allows the company to work with a large number of peers to offer solutions to businesses all over the country. Physical mail, custom packaging, Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage can all be printed by the company.

Linda Peltz, as real estate agent in Fresno been thinking that these type of service works well with real estate agent and homeowners. As printings will help visualize their sale initiative and market their unit. 

So Linda held an interactive discussion with Sean Wheelock on how direct marketing can affect the property management Fresno CA. Find out more in the video below

Printing and Publishing for Direct Marketing

Printing and publishing keep raising its demand during this period. As every business and real estate agent need the resource to help them visualize their idea. WIth this in mind,  Dumont Printing also saw a huge uptick in their business sales which comes from direct/offline marketing approach.

Whilst email is now flooded with spam, junk mail and registration requests, Sean Wheelock sees an opportunity to create buzz for a physical mail campaign. As personalized approach can get people’s attention, so it’s better to stick with this  over a spam email method.

As part of property management Fresno CA, Linda Peltz stated that it’s common  that people have have ignored most of her email. Some reason said it miss a personalized touch in the message.  Furthermore, she contends that direct marketing could be the best answer to this problem with a more custom and personalized approach to clients. 

Dumont Printing: Behind the Process

What kind of service does Dumont Printing offer? First and foremost, they will offer marketing campaign ideas that are tailored to the specific needs of each business. Secondly, they’ll create a campaign timeline and selecting the drop dates.

Moreover, they will assist in the visualizing and customize the marketing print out.  Afterward, by using a massive machine, they’ll print them all at once in just a few hours for same day business cards Fresno. Finally, the print out or package are ready to be sent in the specific drop dates.  

With this complete process, businesses or real estate agent won’t have to worry about costs. Dumont Printing will help cover everything at once and give more cost efficient.

Linda Peltz agrees that such services are required in the market, primarily in the real estate agent industry. Since this personalized print will support property management Fresno CA in their marketing efforts, it really is best to leave it to the professionals.

In this case, businesses or real estate agents will focus solely on each of their expertise.  Whether it’s about home closing, let real estate agent done the work. Further, leave any marketing print out to professional printing company, Dumont Printing.


Award winner real estate agent, Linda Peltz thought that that real estate market and personalized marketing are going to the same direction. In future time, Dumont Printing service in physical mail and custom package will be a groundbreaking for modes to campaign business to potential customer. 

Moreover, this period has led property management Fresno CA and businesses to adjust to the situation and get on everything to possibly achieve their target. Whether with the help of personalized marketing or online marketing.

To wrap the discussion, Sean are happy to hear thoughts from small or medium businesses in Fresno. He would like to hear how their current offline marketing is performing, and generously provide help from his Local Print Company. Sean and Linda will help to any type of solution to businesses or even real estate market during this period. 

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