Choosing the Right Retirement Village


There may be your children and grandchildren that you would like to have to stay nearby. It could also be possible that you are looking forward to a change of scenery.

Any retirement village that you look at needs to have shopping centers, medical facilities, and public transport all within easy reach. Get in touch with Ocean Gardens and start living the retirement you deserve.

You also need to think about what you would like to do when you move about. If you are into golf, there needs to be a golf course nearby. Consider the options that are available for catching up with friends over coffee or going out for dinner and drinks.

These are things you will also think of when you are buying property, but are all the more important as the years go by. You may not find driving 10 minutes for groceries irksome right now, but how will it be in the future?


You must love the place where you live. After all, you have been working all your life, and you can now afford to be fussy.

But before you delve into the finer points of your accommodation, think about your preferences for the living space that you must have.

Would you like the sky visible from your apartment, or would you be happier with a free-standing home.

Would you not be too unhappy about having to give up your garden, or is it too important an aspect to ignore?

Nowadays, retirement villages come in many sizes and shapes. So before you start browsing for them, reduce your options by making up your mind about what type of home you would like to live in.

Security brings you peace of mind

Most homes in these retirement villages are fitted with call systems that can be used in an emergency and are designed to be secure and safe.

Your needs may change and you require extra support and accessibility.

Have a look at the layout of the house. There may come a time when either you or your partner may feel the need for a walking frame or a wheelchair, and this may come in the way of your using the kitchen or bathroom. The doors have to be wide enough for the use of these things and there must be no tight corners or stairs that you will have to negotiate.

What are the facilities available?

You are now retired, so it is time to relax, lay back, and have fun.

There must be various options, as everyone has a different idea of what can be fun.

The retirement village of your choice must have shared facilities that you will want to use.

Most of them will have a place where you can have communal gatherings, with plenty of comfortable seating and probably a big-screen TV.

But could it be better if it also had a putting green, a bowling green, a pool that is heated, a spa, a computer room, a library or a gym? Is that how you have dreamt of spending your life in your retirement village?

You may like to go out for a drink with friends, watch a movie, participate in an exercise class, create art, or plan an outing. Your retirement village with facilities for taking care of the aged must have everything that is needed to keep you socially busy while you enjoy every day of living there.

The vibe

Sometimes you just know what you know.

Talk to the existing residents and understand their feelings about the village. What is the sort of activities that they have and whether they have a social committee?

If your neighbors are like-minded, it can be a great attraction in a retirement village, so just go around before you make a choice and see what vibe you get.