Clovis Realtor: Tips to Sustain Our Fitness Level and Healthy Lifestyle



Fitness and healthy lifestyle has long been a source of medication to any kind of disease. People who are concerned about their overall health, should have assessed their strategy towards exercise fitness. It’s not a challenging task; dedication and effort were all that was required to maintain a high level of fitness.

Moreover, health and fitness are the things that matter for the Clovis community now. As the pandemic state is still unclear, it’s necessary to stay fit and develop a new healthy lifestyle. 

Speaking of healthy lifestyle, recently Linda Peltz as Clovis realtor had a live conversation with Mike Kersten. Mike is the CEO and professional fitness trainer of Clovis Fit Body Bootcamp. 

Clovis fit body camp was established in 2016 and has provided a strong mission towards fitness and health. They offer fitness instruction and programs to encourage people to find their ideal body. Further, the camp has few popular programs in one-on-one sessions, health consulting and group training.

Watch Linda Peltz and Mike discussion down below! They uncover the substance of daily  fitness and lifestyle. Thus, how Clovis citizens including workers, entrepreneurs, real estate agencies and Clovis realtor can maintain their demanding physical job with a fitness plan.



Clovis Realtor Road to Healthy Goals

Being a Clovis realtor and real estate agencies is more likely to be similar to a physical job these days. Leading to the state where handling Clovis homes for sale transactions would need a huge mobility and energy to keep being productive. 

Clovis realtor is surely a physically demanding job, especially when they have multiple Clovis homes for sale deals going on at the same time.

To truly devote yourself to the job, you must have a well-developed fitness plan and energy. Either it’s for 7 days a week or full 24 hours a day. Linda Peltz supports the statement as she sees herself dealt with these workload throughout her career as Clovis realtor. 

It is without a doubt, Clovis realtor and real estate agencies is a physically demanding job, especially when they have multiple Clovis homes for sale deals going on at the same time. In addition, Linda emphasizes the need of planning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for this kind of work.

Fitness and nutrition plan is one solution to this. Every worker and professional would need to time frame their daily plan in order to survive these massive workloads. 

How Does a Professional Fitness Trainer Help You?

Mike Kersten formerly worked for Wonder Bread Company as a bread truck driver for 20 years and as a therapist for 5 years. He soon discovered that this type of work demands a high level of physical work every day. So he move on and began a good fitness habit, starting his first fitness camp, becoming a pro trainer and after that the rest is history. 

Mike also has the ability to estimate the proportion of daily calories needed for each individual. For example, to get in shape a person requires 2000 calories per day. And with lunch, breakfast and dinner, they could probably consume around 3500 calories every day. 

So Mike has developed a fitness plan and program to solely manage these gaps and redirect normal lifestyle to a healthy one. Mike will be more than happy to provide you with nutrition recommendations as well the success instructions to achieve long-term fitness goals. Get connected with Mike and Linda now to learn more!

Mike Kersten


Realtor Linda Peltz