Contemporary Roof Designs in India


Now that 2021 is here, you must be thinking about updating your Roof Design. Well, there are multiple roofing solutions available for the people of India. So, we are here with some of the most fascinating contemporary roof designs in India. We will also tell you from where you can get high quality roofing done at an extremely affordable rate.

Top contemporary roof designs for Indian homes:

Flat roof: These days, most residential houses in India have flat Roof designs. This is because of various reasons. People who have a smaller home can utilize the flat roof for various purposes. They can use the roof for gardening. Flat roofs are also cheaper to build. The installation process is also easier. It is also quite affordable to get a flat roof for your home as very minimal materials are required.

Butterfly roof: The butterfly roof is a very popular roofing design in India. As the name suggests, the roof looks like the wings of a butterfly. It has two slopes which are joined together in the middle giving it a V shaped appearance. A butterfly roof can make your house look taller. It is also a very popular choice for the people living in hilly areas. It does not allow the snow to accumulate on the roof. This kind of roof is also ideal for collecting rainwater. You can place a water collection container and utilize the collected water for various purposes.

Curved roof: Curved roofs are also considered as contemporary roof designs in India. Curved roofs are quite beneficial as they promote drainage of snow and rain water. Besides its unique design, a curved roof can also keep your house cool during the hot summer months. Curved roofs are mainly made of metal roofing sheets. However, various other materials are also used from time to time.

Combination roof: A combination roof is made up of various designs like flat, butterfly curved, etc. Combination roofs may also include Stone roofs. These roofs are also very common in India. They can give your home a very modern and sophisticated look. These kinds of roofs are however expensive. They require a lot of materials. The flat section of the roof can be used for extension purposes while the butterfly sections can be used for collecting rainwater and for various other purposes as well. These roofs can be customised as per your requirements.

Skillion roof: Skillion roofs are highly practical and easy to build. They are also quite environmentally friendly. Building a skillion roof takes very little time. Also, the material required is quite minimal. Skillion roofs will also allow you to install skylights in your home. These roofs are also useful for snow and rain water runoff. They are a very good choice for high wind areas.

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To end with:

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