Cotton Upholstery


Having a beautifully set home is everyone’s dream. From the large bulky items to the minutest detail, attention is required to beautify every space.

Upholstery has its own weight age in this beautification process. The design you choose for your home will reflect your choices but their durability will be impacted by the selection of the fabric that will be used to design the print.

Different materials are used by upholsters. Linen, velvet, polyester, olefin, cotton, etc.  It all depends upon the home dwellers regarding the final choice. Cotton is by far the best among them due to a variety of reasons. Many consumers’ choices resonate with this fabric and it is very easy to find the answer. Let’s look below.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Is Breathable.

This is one of the most significant reasons that people choose cotton over other upholstery fabrics. Cotton is an organic fabric and is suitable for all homes and people. It is highly breathable which means it has a cooler effect and allows air and light to penetrate easily. Especially for couches and ottoman stools or chairs, they are good for people who are sensitive to polyester fabrics due to skin allergies they face.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Resists Pilling.

Another notable aspect of cotton upholstery is that it resists pilling even in high traffic areas. This means that it is very long-lasting as well.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Is Washable.

Since our grandmother’s times we associate cotton with the quality of being easily washable .This is one fact that we can all relate to. We always look for a washable tag inside all our upholstery purchases because we want the ease and comfort that comes with it. Now none of us wants to replace upholstery when it gets dirty and stained. More modern cotton finish is highly formal as well.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Doesn’t Wear Out Easily.

While selecting upholstery we look for fabrics that will impart a plush luxurious feel besides being durable .Though cotton is not as glamorous as velvet or other polyester blends, but it is the ultimate best fabric to choose for homes that have a high traffic.  It’s best to have organic cotton for upholstery.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Has Longer Staples.

Cotton has longer staples as compared to silk. The longer the staple the more durable and lustrous the fabric becomes, even more than silk.

  1. Cotton Upholstery Is Versatile And Sustainable.

Cotton is a great option when you are looking for sustainable fabrics that don’t burden the planet. Due to their versatility, they can work well for any room in any mode desired. The upholstery provides a cool soft ambiance to the room. If you’re looking away from the direction of formal tough looking fabrics, from that crisp starched look then cotton is your way to go.

So this was just a short summary of the benefits that cotton upholstery can offer to your homes. The possibilities are endless and you have to try them to truly experience their benefits.