Dealing with Termite Issues on your Property


If you find tiny holes in wood or drywall somewhere in your Austin home, you might think you have termite issues. It’s essential to know how to identify termite holes to remedy the issue. Also, you must learn about termites and the common signs of their presence to implement appropriate Austin pest control measures. Termites can cause costly structural damage to homes.

Termites create tiny openings when they tunnel through wood, drywall, or mud to the outside. Often, such holes are an eighth of an inch in diameter or less and they tend to get closed off soon by bits of chewed wood or termite feces. These holes are often made just before the mating season and used by adult termites to exit the colony to reproduce and grow it.

What Termites Look Like

Termites are winged insects that look like big ants with ants. And because some ants have wings, homeowners may mistake them for termites. But, while ants have three founded body segments that create a separate head and small waist, termites have only two segments that come in straight from the head down to the end of their body. Also, termites have short and straight antennae while ants have bent ones.

Common Signs of Termites

You will know there are termites on your property when you see mud tubes or straw-like tunnels built out of dirt. Subterranean termites build this tunnel to connect their underground colonies with the wood they feed on for sustenance. Usually, you can find mud tubes near ground level on the foundation of your home. Moreover, you may have a termite issue if you see a pile of termite wings. These wings are shed by adult termites after they have mated and found a new colony. Indeed, you can usually find termites during swarming seasons when their adults leave the nest to find a new colony and reproduce.

Importance of Professional Termite Control

If you have any kind of termite on your property, you must contact a termite control expert to deal with the issue. Pest control professionals have access to methods that can effectively control pest infestations. Also, you can deter termites from invading your home by keeping outdoor space clear of dead trees, brush, and branches as well as storing firewood away from your home. It is a great idea to hire a termite specialist to carry out annual inspections to head off issues before they become out of control.