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Difference Between Residential Plumber And Commercial Plumber

Difference Between Residential Plumber And Commercial Plumber

You can have clogged toilets in your home and office as well, right? So, why there are differences between the works of a residential plumber and a commercial plumber? The fact is that some of their works are the same and others are different. A commercial plumber El Cajon can work in residential places and vice versa. However, it is better that you call the plumber expert in the specific area. 

Work scope

The scope of work of the commercial plumber El Cajon is different than that of the residential plumbers. They have to pass the same tests that the residential plumber passes. But they need to memorize various codes for the commercial plumbing job. Commercial plumber El Cajon is much suited for commercial plumbing works like fixing large boilers or site sewer lines. Commercial plumbing jobs are usually done in large plants. In the case of residential plumbing, the number of hours that the plumbers have to work is 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. In the case of commercial plumbing, the work can take place any part of the day, weekends, and even holidays. 

Strict job requirements

Most of the time works performed by the commercial plumber El Cajon are scheduled during downtime. They need to maintain a strict schedule. For example, to repair sewer they get a deadline of 24 hours. The urgency of commercial plumbing work is more as a lot of people’s work will get affected if the problem is not solved quickly. For a commercial plumber, unscheduled overtime is very common. In commercial plumbing more inspection and testing takes place than residential plumbing. 

Building structure

The commercial building structure is more complicated than the residential building structure. It is easier to navigate through residential plumbing than a commercial system. In a commercial building, there are multiple floors and many toilets and sinks that are used by many people every day. The commercial plumbers are properly trained to work on such building structures. 

Risk level

The commercial plumbers are equipped and trained to deal with the high risk of damages that can be done to commercial buildings. For example, a broken pipe won’t affect a residential building much but a broken pipe will have a disastrous effect on a commercial building. Some commercial establishments like restaurants need to follow strict health care laws. 

So, you can see that there are many differences between a residential plumber and a commercial plumber. It is better to call the plumber appropriate for the job at hand. 

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