Disadvantages of buying smart thermostats


A simple purchase of thermostats can actually be a life saver. However, if you don’t know the process well, it can lead to some disadvantages too. A person from a non-technical background may not understand the basics of buying a good and effective thermostat for the house. As a result, he will end up paying more on energy bills and waste more money.

Bad choice on thermostat may also lead to regular maintenance work which will add on to the monthly logistics. Thus, it is essential that you have some piece of information before going for a new thermostat. You may have read a lot of articles on the buying and selling of thermostats. In this article, we have covered some of the disadvantages of buying any random thermostat online so that you think twice from where you are buying it.

Disadvantages of buying smart thermostats:

  1. High costs:

People have observed installing a Wifi based thermostat could actually put more costs on them. Some have even paid 10 times more money compared to their traditional thermostats. This is one of the major drawbacks for potential buyers. As a company, not many would prefer to install such expensive hi-tech thermostats. These are meant for those who run large scales businesses and can afford extraoverhead expenses on the power bills.

  1. Data leakage:

The more we are getting used to Wifi, the more it will be difficult for anyone to maintain data privacy. Hacking and data leakages are common issues for any Wifi devices. The same is applicable to a smart thermostat as well. You will have to be prepared of any breach of privacy with the installed of these internet devices.

  1. No wifi no work:

The latest smart thermostats work purely on internet connection. Thus, no internet would mean no work for them. They won’t function if there is no internet and this may disrupt the temperature of the house. So you will have to rely on the backup manual thermostats only. Although, it is rare to face such an outage but if it happens during extreme weather conditions, things can get difficult.

Eventually, it is up to you to choose a smart thermostat or a manual one. Even if you intend to choose a wifi based thermostat, you must choose a reliable company and a reputedbrand like blackhawk supply. We suggest you check out few options online and choose what is most suitable as per your requirements.