Do you need to check the Feng Shui of your new Condo?


Finding a new living space is an exciting task. After all, you are going to live a life that you always desire. However, there few things that might not be on your checklist when you are visiting and selecting your apartment. 

For example, you might not understand the significance of the east-facing condo direction (ทิศ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) in your life.  Moreover, you might not consider how the entrance location of the apartment can disturb the good energy of the house. 

Feng Shui is a crucial factor if you won’t retain a peaceful life.  Feng Shui-wise, anything that disturbs the positive vibe can cause issues in your personal and social life; therefore, we have listed few things that you can check on during your condo hunt.

Feng Shui Checklist

Building Location and Energy

The energy of the building or apartment can influence your life. You might have across the places that give out positive or negative vibes. Such subtle things are considered under the Feng Shui, and with the help of Feng Shui knowledge, you can find a condo that opens the door to a prosperous life.

You can start by looking at the front door of your apartment. The front door said to absorb the negative and positive energy. Therefore, you need a door that can balance energies and attract positive chi inside your apartment. Moreover, you also need to see if the front door of your apartment is well clean and maintained properly. 

Apartment Level and Location

Feng Shui wise, it is often considered to buy an apartment on a higher level. On your hunt, if possible, you need to avoid the low-level apartment. The reason behind such a move is when you go higher level, the apartment above your condo decreases. The natural light can easily enter your apartment. 

The natural light blooms your house but also generates a positive vibe inside your apartment. Moreover, consider the condo direction too when thinking about the light and energy; you can have east facing condo that allows more natural light during mornings. 

Floor Plan and Chi Flow

Balance if chi flow inside your house is a crucial aspect that you have to consider. If you buy a condo with uneven chi flow, you have to later spend money to make things right, as things like the placement of kitchen, hall, rooms, and toilet maintains the chi flow. Adjusting them is going to be expensive.