Epoxy flooring is safe, affordable, hygienic and durable


The epoxy floor coating has several benefits in its application. It is solid and resistant to impacts. It makes the floor not suffer from cracks or other pathologies. The positive result of using epoxy flooring is to have a safe, resistant, beautiful, shiny, and non-slip surface, ideal for areas where heavy traffic passes.

Epoxy flooring guarantees safety.

Most epoxy coatings are fire resistant or flame retardant. They can withstand high heat temperatures, up to 200 degrees Celsius or about 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Once dry, the epoxy coating provides a complete seal to the floor, protecting the concrete from any possible water infiltration, and is very resistant to chemical spills.

How is epoxy coating prepared?

The epoxy floors need to be prepared correctly and responsibly. Otherwise, complications such as a fragile floor may occur.

Floor Preparation

At first, it is very important to clean the floor properly. Only in this way is it possible to identify the irregularities of the base.

Treatment of irregularities

After the initial cleaning, it is very important to treat irregularities, such as cracks and joints in the concrete. If this step is not performed, the hollow space in the cracks deposits epoxy coating in them. Once you pour the epoxy, it passes from the concrete to the coating surface.

Primer Usage

Primer is a product that helps to fix epoxy coating better. It still manages to plug the holes in the base and make the floor more level.

Floor Polishing

After applying the primer, it is necessary to polish the entire floor, mainly to remove irregularities and so that the epoxy coating does not come loose.

Epoxy Coating Application

After all these steps mentioned above, you can finally apply the epoxy coating and ensure an excellent Polyaspartic garage floor for your project.

Where to use an epoxy coating floor

Epoxy coating is high-quality coating capable of providing good coverage. It has different colours and makes the floor much more beautiful and shiny. Due to the high strength of the epoxy floor, it is commonly used in industries, commercial places, warehouses, hangars, diverse industries, laboratories, car workshops, garages, production areas, indoor parking and others. Epoxy flooring is indicated for sites with medium to heavy traffic. Epoxy coatings offer high resistance. The different textured surface is widely used on platforms, ramps and machine shops.


The epoxy floor is one of the most used in commercial and industrial projects. The epoxy floor is made with an epoxy resin base, which hardens when mixed with a hardener. It has high chemical and mechanical resistance, making it ideal for environments with contact with chemical reagents. Epoxy flooring is affordable and straightforward, being very useful for coating ceramic tiles and floors in the bathroom and kitchen due to its resistance to moisture and wooden floors.