Garden Pest Identification And Control


The insect which harm the plant by spreading certain diseases to the plant. Garden pests harm plants and ultimately kill them. In this article we will discuss all pests and diseases of garden which can cause harm to the plants.

Top Ten Garden Pest List

  • Snail
  • Aphid
  • Thrips
  • Mealybug
  • Codling Moth
  • Leaf Minor
  • Caterpillar
  • Ants
  • Whitefly
  • Leafhopper

How to get Rid of Snail Garden Pest

The worst enemy of garden plants. Mostly Eat leaves and stem of plants. Attacks could be severe in Spring when new seedling emerges. Mint and garlic are snail repellent plants. Salt can also kill snails.

How to get Rid of Aphid

Aphid attack plants and sucks its sap. Aphids are called sucking pests. They are found under the leaves or roots of the plant. They like low temperatures. The only benefits of Aphid are that they are food sources for beneficial insects. Ladybird beetle eats this Aphid. Neem oil is effective in controlling these pests. Moreover Ladybird beetle can control this pest. Garlic and Marigold are Aphid repellent.

How to get Rid of Thrips

If you observe certain patches in your plant and stunted growth. This could be a Thrips attack. They attack leaves, flowers, and stems. They suck the cell sap from the plant and make the plant weak.

Yellow sticky bands are useful in controlling Thrips. Also, neem oil is effective

How to get Rid of Bug garden pest

White color pests can not fly But considered dangerous as their population could be very dense. Mealy Bug can completely cover plants with white masses. They are harmful as can destroy the fruit. Sticking bands are helpful as they do not allow Mealybug to climb on a plant stem. A mealy bug-like warm climate. Kerosene oil mixed in water can be applied to Mealybug. Nut keep in mind spray could be dangerous for edible fruits plant.

If you find Mealy Bug on a specific branch prune it immediately. Ladybird beetle can eat Mealy Bug

How to get Rid of Codling Moth

Mostly attack Apple and Pear. Codling Moth attack on fruit core and make inedible. They are a very dangerous pest. Spray Neem oil once in a week control Codling moth

How to get Rid of Leaf minor

It makes mines in leaves of the plants that s why called leaf minor. It causes leaf drops. Neem oil is considered best for controlling this pest

Caterpillar garden Pest

They become butterflies later. Caterpillar has some benefits and some disadvantages. Good source of pollination later.

How to get Rid of Whitefly

Whitefly is a very dangerous plant attacks leaf suck sap and leaves a sticky material on the leaf’s surface. This sticky material cause for the fungal growth on leaves. They are very difficult to control. they lay eggs underside of leaves. Insecticidal soap and neem oil is effective in controlling this pest

Leafhopper And Ants Garden Pest

Leafhopper suck sap from the leaf or from the grass. They are sap feeder and make cell sap extinct in plants. Ants are sometimes beneficial and sometimes very harmful to plants.

How to Make Neem Oil Spray

Take a gallon of water. you have to add Neem and dish soap in this water and thoroughly mix it. Then add it in a spray bottle and Now it is ready to use.

How to make Insecticidal Soap

In vegetable oil add dishwashing liquid and add them in one gallon of water. Insecticidal soap is ready to use

Infection caused by any bacteria, virus .fungus or nematode on the plant is called as plant disease. The gardening disease could be harmful to plants so here we will first identify and then will learn how to control the disease.

Symptoms of Early blight of Potato

Older leaves show spot. Spots could be small. spot could be irregular in shape. The color of the spot could be dark. concentric rings on leaves are key symptoms for this disease. plant drops leaf.

Symptoms of late blight of potato

Disease attack could be on the flowering stage but this is not necessary .disease can occur at any time. Water-soaked spots become prominent on a leaf. Leaf color turns into brown. leaf remains to attach to the mother plant

Some common gardening disease

What is Rust

Rust is a fungal disease. If you see a powdery spot of different colors; like yellow or brownish. Mostly occur in could be rust disease. Rust severely affects plants. The fungal disease usually spread in high be careful in irrigation.

What is Anthracnose

Certain types of blotches, irregular in shape usually seen on twigs is called an Anthracnose .its attack could be severe after Spring. foliage  of the plant is affected. Plans become weak after the attack of this disease. you should try to give the optimum dose of fertilizer at a time. Also, plants must receive sunlight and air to fight disease.

Gray Mold (gardening disease)

As its name show flower buds and some time leaves show grayish color fuzzy material. The spot size is small. In spring its attack could be severe. Fruit spoiled usually. irrigate plants with proper space. apply a fungicide when you observe symptoms of this disease.

Powdery mildew disease

When you touch plant your finger could be loaded with whitish powder. this is powdery mildew disease. Flower or fruit could be severely affected. Affected plants show irritating appearance. apply a fungicide if you find symptoms of this disease.

Crown Rot disease

Usually favorable for hot climate. The yellowish spot is prevalent on the affected plant. The infectious particle could be present in the soil. very dangerous disease. A fungicide spray is recommended.

how to control gardening disease

Neem oil spray is considered very efficient in controlling fungal and bacterial is very safe to does not harm beneficial insect. Please visit garden pest identification and control