Gardening Mid-pandemic: How People Found Comfort in Bringing Nature Into Their Homes


The new normal forced everyone to stay at home. Aside from the people who continue to work outdoors, we needed to spend most of our days cooped up inside the house. Some people had no choice but to work and learn remotely, only further restricting activities at home.

For most people, they turned to indoor plants, their lawn, and backyard gardens as a way of coping during the crisis. They found how comforting it is to surround themselves with nature. Aside from investing in a vegetable garden, pampering their lawn, and a few potted indoor plants, some went to greater heights just to maximize their interaction with plants.

Some people created herb gardens inside their kitchen. Others filled their home with indoor plants of all sorts and sizes. Some even invested in a backyard nursery and spend an insane amount of cash just on plants and gardening supplies alone.

Mental Health-Boosting Effects of Gardening

Many people already know that gardening has excellent physical and mental health benefits. Gardening can be a relaxing activity that forces you to focus on your task at hand. We learned how to be more mindful of how we care for the plants and give ourselves a nice daily exercise without leaving the house.

Surrounding yourself with greenery can have a mood-boosting effect. Such activity serves as a great distraction instead of stressing yourself with the number of cases being reported on the daily news. People found comfort in nature, and this helps them accomplish many things.

For one, this helps us stay productive even as we shelter in place. Now is the perfect time to tend to plants simply because we have more time to do so. Gardening helps ease the anxious mind, and since plants are never one to judge, anyone, no matter your current situation, can enjoy gardening.

Even those without a green thumb learned how to grow plants during the pandemic. This is thanks to the many types of plants on can grow in their own backyard. The numerous gardening resources online and the availability of gardening suppliers made it possible for everyone to use gardening as a coping strategy.

How Plants Motivated People to Start Eating Organic Produce

Gardening also serves as a motivation for homeowners to start preparing healthier meals. They engage their kids in age-appropriate gardening activities to teach kids more about nature. This made everyone appreciates how nature works and eventually persuading them to eat their home-grown produce.

Gardening Helped Add Structure During Lockdown Days

Gardening helped add structure to our quarantine life. Our new routine involving greenery helped improve our health, wellness, and overall quality of life. These are but some reasons why plants became such a  big deal during the pandemic.

Different Ways People Are Pampering Their Greenery During the Crisis

Many of us do more than just tend to our plants ourselves. We make use of different techniques just to ensure our plants grow healthy under our careful watch. Some invested in the best garden tools and supplies, while others are even hiring experts just to ensure the wellbeing of their greeneries.

Most people only know how to hire landscapers to build an attractive outdoors filled with their favorite plants. They hire landscapers to take care of lawn care maintenance, install flowers and shrubs, and even prepare a garden bed for their backyard. But if you also have trees in your yard, you need unique professionals to take care of your tree needs.

For one, tree pruning and trimming can be both hard and dangerous. Removing some trees and grinding stump requires the expertise of an arborist. Their years’ worth of knowledge and experience can help you preserve the health and beauty of your trees on your property.

Some people started a community garden where members can grow and eat their own produce. Others donate every produce they get to charities, nonprofit organizations, and the needy. Community gardens also helped create a sense of community within the area.

Plant enthusiasts may not be able to gather around to share tips and answer questions from other homeowners needing gardening tips. But technology made it easier for them to bond. They get to share useful insights on how to improve their own garden as well as the community garden.

Gardening can be an inexpensive way to cope during a crisis. One does not necessarily need to buy the most expensive plants and brand new gardening tools just to start gardening during the crisis. Such an activity helped us stay in our comfort zone without going insane. This goes to show just how important the role of gardening is in keeping everyone happy, healthy, and sane during the crisis.