Get Well-Organized Cabinets and Shelves by Elfa Decor


An organized cabinet does not just seem beautiful; it is also a professional’s best friend. It streamlines your daily routine and saves you from making excuses every morning, either for being late to the office or anywhere else. Well-organized cabinets give you the chance to have extra spaces and can actually let you expand the wardrobe. Every now and then you can reimagine the new combinations as you can now see everything clearly. Some of the best closets organization and storage ideas will surely let you make the most of your space. Let’s have a look at them.

Always keep the floors clear

Not everyone is fascinated by exposed shelving. For the minimalists, keeping the floors clear is reviving. It gives them an elevated, and clutter-free environment. You can even add an armchair at the corner to add some dimensions with installing a leaning floor mirror.

Install bypass doors

Your wardrobe will be clutter-free and will not force you to walk end-to-end in search of whatever you need if you have installed sleek bypass doors. These doors are easily installable and are a life-saver if always have to rush in the morning. Vintage bypass doors in sleek designs are in trend today.

Tuck behind the shelves

You can make your place of multipurpose usage by tucking everything behind the closed cabinet doors. A hidden vanity is a great option here to choose and it will also keep your things organized. The mirror installed inside the closet in combination with the tiled floor complements your bedroom significantly. Consider the superb designs and patterns of shelves available at Elfa storage system to choose the best for your space.

Install a wall shelf

If you lack space in your bedroom, you can install a wall shelf to display your prettiest accessories or precious items. A multi-level wall shelf nearby the mirrored table will be perfect for installing. It will maintain the space and double the décor of your room. You can even use brackets as an extra place to hang things in your bedroom.

Keep wardrobe behind the doors

Your bedroom would look more spacious if you got the cabinets and wardrobe installed behind closed doors. The bonus point is that the hidden doors will camouflage with the walls and make your room cleaner.

Cornered shelving

This is a unique concept. You can get your dream closet designed and installed in the most favorite corner of your room. Use the classic shades to balance the glamorous elements of that space. Install large windows to let the fresh air and natural light pour into the room. Underneath storage as well as custom corner will be a perfect home for bags and other heavy items.

Get a clothing rack

When your tiny shelves are already packed, you can try having a stylish wooden clothing rack. A freestanding rack would do best to keep your clothes organized and it will also enhance the stylish look of your changing room or bedroom.

Keep the shelves in shape

Best shelving techniques followed by the designers at Elfa Shelving will help you get the amazing shelf dividers designed in your wardrobe. You can keep multiple items separately stored in different shelves preventing their disorganization.

Door shelving as shoe racks

The shoes racks would be better designed and installed to the door if you really have very less space available in the room. It will be a genius storage hack by Elfa storage system that will help you squeeze extra storage in your room.

Remember, the more organized your closet and shelves be, the more spacious your room will look. One-time makeover will have a lasting impact on your life. After all, everyone needs to have a comfort while designing their space and your bedroom is no less than your favorite spot to relax. Try exploring a wide range of shelving and storage supplies at Elfa storage and get the fabulous and classy furniture built for your home and office. Our ingenious storage solutions will make you find your things without wasting any time and efforts. The expert designers and engineers at Elfa Décor will serve your needs to the best of their abilities.