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Green, greener, greenest. Six tips for more greenery at home

Green, greener, greenest. Six tips for more greenery at home

Plants are beautiful in any interior, make you happy and are also beneficial to the air quality inside your home. Reasons enough to live in a house with greenery. How? We have six nice tips for you, also for people who do not have “green fingers”.

  1. For every spot a plant

One plant does well in the shadow, the other plant withers in no time when it doesn’t receive enough sunlight. Therefore, not only look at where the plant looks nice, but also check how much sunlight the plant needs. For this, you don’t have to be a plant expert. This is mentioned on the card provided with the plant.

  1. Combine

A plant here and a plant there is nice, but different plants together is nicer. For example on the windowsill or on the dressoir. This way, you really achieve a green feeling in your home. The plants don’t have to match with each perfectly. Big, small, plants with big leaves, beautiful strands or small succulents. Everything is possible. Scared that it will be too much? Match the plant pots with each other. On a whole, you create a calm look.

  1. Think big

There is nothing wrong with small plants, but they don’t really stand out. You will need a lot of small plants to green your interior.

Big plants make the difference. Therefore, put at least one big plant.

  1. A living wall

Speaking of big: what do you think of a living wall? A vertical garden in your home. That’s easier than you think. With the LivePanel PACK you have an all-in-one system that you can install on an existing wall. This living wall consists of many exchangeable plant cassettes that are placed in a handy gutter profile. You can combine all sizes of the PACKS and also choose the plants yourself. You also don’t have to water the plants separately. Only thing you have to do is fill the water reservoir every two weeks.

  1. Going up

Not enough space in your home? Or do you want something else than standard plant pots. Go into the air with hanging plants from the  ceiling. You will definitely achieve a playful effect. Also useful if you have small children or animals who don’t leave it alone.

  1. No more dry plants.

Do you love greenery, but you’re actually a big plant neglecter? You’re not the only one. There is a solution for this: a water drip system. With this, your plant gets enough water and you only have to think about it every two weeks.

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