Greenhouse Staging Guide


You have a great big lovely greenhouse! But are you ready to plant and grow greenery? Not quite, I am afraid. To properly make use of this, you must get some greenhouse staging to get the most from your new glass palace! As such, a greenhouse with high evolves is going to be useful as you can fix shelves from the roof support – for everyone else, never fear. We can build the front floor upwards – thanks to benches and greenhouse staging!

It can cost little to nothing to build your own perfectly working greenhouse staging from reclaimed wood and pallets, as well as some 2×1 batons. The beautiful thing about this is that you can make this to the perfect specifications, you are the creator!

Get Greenhouse Staging Online

Not everyone is handy enough to build their greenhouse staging, however. You will be pleased to know that there are plenty of places where you can get hold of some beautiful wooden constructed greenhouse staging. In many cases, it is completely hand-built from fresh timber.

Paint it to the colour you want

This can be left as an exposed wood look or painted and finished to your pleasure. Many folks will go for a wooden tone painted brown finish, while others will go for a classic green covering of colour. This is completely up to you – that’s the beautiful part of it!

This will allow you to do a lot more with your space. Rather than just having a simple table that will take up a lot of room and allow you only a limited amount of space to work with.

Let the sunshine

Greenhouse staging has floors that are made from individual strips of wood, this allows sunlight to pass through the gaps and to give life to plants that may even be on the lower levels! This multiplies the number of things that you can grow in a relatively constricted area of the four walls of your greenhouse.

Seed Trays

Seed Tray racks are also a good idea, these allow you to stack vertically, fitting much more into a square foot of previous greenhouse space! You can build these yourself, or you can purchase various models to facilitate a different number of shelves.

Build shelves on the greenhouse eves

It is a big shame to waste the space that greenhouse eves can afford you!  A solution exists in hanging shelving from the glazing bars by using adjustable brackets. These have an added benefit in that heat rises, so plants up on the top level will get that extra temperature that many heat-sensitive plants do require. This means you can have additional space as well as your staging and shelving! Not every kind of greenhouse has these eves, but it is worth considering. In the case that this isn’t for you, we recommend you go hard on greenhouse staging – the more layers the better.

While setting up your greenhouse can seem like a bit of a stretched-out process. You will reap the rewards that you sow early on in this process of this fantastic home improvement north wales – it’s worth getting a good setup.