How low height pile carpets are suitable for commercial places?


People all over the world love to install carpets in their homes. The carpets are a great flooring option and that is why they are seen in the commercial spaces as well. In commercial spaces, there is a need to pay certain attention to flooring. Commercial places like offices, hospitals and hotels are busy places where a lot of people make visits on a daily basis. Those who are looking for carpet for their commercial place can consider low height pile carpets. Low pile carpets will work more effectively than high pile carpets in the high-traffic areas. Low pile carpet is a carpet that has tight loops and short carpet fibers. These carpets show a much flatter appearance. Low height pile carpets are available in both natural and synthetic fibers, which means you can get this carpet according to your desired fiber. Low pile carpets are not only used in commercial places, but they are also beneficial for the houses. You can install low height pile carpets in the room where you want to keep furniture. These carpets do not have long fibers which makes it easy to move the furniture over the floor. Now, your family members will face no difficulty in moving the tables, sofa and etc. So, do you want to know for which reasons low height pile carpets are considered suitable for the commercial places. Let me explain.

Reasons for the popularity of low height pile carpets for commercial places

  • Durability

High pile carpet can not prove as a durable option for the commercial places. The high pile carpets have long fibers. In high foot traffic areas, these fibers begin to fade over time or begin to fuzz. This proves that these carpets are not long-running carpets for commercial places (where there is a need of durable carpets). For durability low pile carpets are well-known because they have short fibers. These fibers do not shed or fuzz easily. Those who want to save their future flooring expenses, they can go with low pile carpet for their commercial places.

  • Non-Allergic

In commercial places, different types of people come daily. Some are healthy and some may be patient of any disease. Low height pile carpets are the best flooring option if you want a healthy environment in your office, factory, restaurant or any commercial area. Because of the long fibers, the dust gets stuck into the fibers of the high pile carpets. Whereas, the low pile carpets do not attract dust. With the installation of low high pile carpets, you can create a clean and hygienic atmosphere in any commercial place.

  • Easy to clean

If you want to install a high pile carpet in your heavy footfall area then this can irritate and frustrate you. The reason is that high pile carpets need regular cleaning. In commercial places, where there is a crowd of people, the maintenance of such carpets is very difficult. On the other hand, low pile carpets need less maintenance. Low piles carpets are stain-resistant. In case of getting stains, they can be removed easily with the use of cloth and cleaning solution. Often to remove the dirt and dust, low pile carpets simply require vacuuming once in a week. If you want to do it twice a week then you can do it.

  • Affordable

The cost of a high pile carpet is higher than the low pile carpet. Going with a high pile carpet for big commercial places can be a difficult approach. If you want to complete the flooring task of your commercial place at less cost then you can consider low pile carpets. With the installation of low height pile carpets, you can decor the floor in the less expensive way. The budget-friendly options are olefin, nylon and polyester.

  • Look neat and clean

The dust on the low pile carpets looks less visible than on the high pile carpets. In the commercial places where the carpets get dirty soon, the low pile carpets look neat and clean for a long time with little maintenance. Low pile carpets free the commercial places from the hassle of cleaning again and again.