How to Be a Good House Guest


There’s a lot of trust involved when someone invites you into their home.  They’re making a clear statement that they want you in their life and want to spend time with you: but there’s always a strange line of what’s acceptable.  For some people, a guest doing their dishes or helping cook could be seen as rude, while it’s expected for others.  Here’s how to navigate being a temporary guest in someone’s home while ensuring you don’t step on any toes.

Don’t Cling And Follow Them Around.

Even though you’re a guest in their home, please don’t follow them from room to room in an attempt to be around them always.  Instead, give them space if it seems like they need it.  Bring a book for quieter parts of your visit or something else you can use to entertain yourself.  If they seem to reach out to you because they also want attention, be open to it!  On the other hand, if you need time by yourself to recharge, let them know you want to decompress for a little bit; they should understand! 

Offer To Help, Be Respectful of their Answer

Try to help with tasks like cleaning and cooking that they undertake while you’re there.  This plan doesn’t mean you need to offer to help them clean out their garage or Marie Kondo their home, but make reasonable offers to help around the house.  If they tell you no, then listen to them and don’t offer again.  Some people get offended if you offer to help because it means you think they’re not capable of doing it- or they want to spoil you as their guest.  Be thankful, and respect their wishes.

If they agree and accept your help, don’t complain!  Work to show you’re thankful for their hospitality, and everything will go smoother.

Bring A Gift or Offering

Consider bringing your hosts a bottle of wine or some sweets or food they enjoy.  This plan will start things out on a friendly footing and give you the chance to bond and have more fun.  You don’t have to put a lot of time or money into this gift; make sure it’s something that will have sentimental value to them.  Be careful to keep the gifts respectful and lighthearted; no diet books or lingerie would be appropriate. 

Respect Their Belongings

Although you’re a guest in this home, it’s not like their house is a hotel.  If you want to sling towels on the floor or be messy- you can look into Orlando houses for sale and purchase a place of your own.  Respect the things they own and try not to make a big mess of their home.  If you unfold a blanket to use while you’re on the couch, fold it and set it back where you found it when you’re done.  If you borrow a book or any of their belongings while you’re there, take the time to put everything back in the same condition as you found it before you leave.