How to choose your cigar humidor?


A vast question that all cigar smokers ask themselves and if you come to read these lines could I give you some answers. First, you need to know the status of your current consumption to be able to define the size and the capacity of your future humidor. Whatever your consumption, you will need to equip yourself with a cellar anyway to offer your cigar the best possible conservation. For more on this visit

Find different types of cigar smokers with a choice of suitable humidors

Each smoker has different wants and needs compared to others. Indeed, the regular smoker does not experience the same expectations as an occasional smoker; he will then go to a cigar humidor which will be more suited to him. Find all types of smokers as well as the different cigar humidors that are suitable for them.

The Occasional Smoker

You are an occasional smoker and like to buy a few cigars to share with friends. So your stock hardly exceeds 10 cigars but your beginner passion forces you to think about the conservation of your little treasure. No worries, you will need a small cigar humidor that can hold up to 30 cigars. Its maximum capacity is only theoretical, a cigar humidor sold for 25 units will really only contain 15 to 20 cigars. Prefer natural wood cellars (cedar) which offer better stability of the ideally desired humidity level (65 to 75%).

The Novice Smoker

You are a beginner but ambitious smoker and your passion for cigars is growing. You regularly have between 15 and 30 cigars in your possession and you are convinced of the merits of purchasing a quality humidor. No worries, you must invest now in a cellar with a larger capacity, from 75 to 150 units and above all modular. Indeed, you will certainly have different terroirs in your collection of cigars and this could become problematic if your cellar is too small. Choose a cellar with a cedar top or compartment with a high-performance humidification system. About this one you should also check the science info.

The Connoisseur Smoker

You are a connoisseur and your passion for cigars is well established. You know all the terroirs and your collection very often exceeds 50 pieces. You certainly already have in your possession a cigar humidor of an average capacity (75 units) and it becomes complicated for you. No stress, as a connoisseur you already know that you will need a humidor for each region or at least one specialized for the Cuban region. By separating the terroirs, you will have total control over the good aging of your cigars. You are now free to choose any type of model according to your preferences. You can also opt for a very large capacity cellar (200 units).

The Great Connoisseur

You are a great connoisseur, true enthusiast and aficionado who no longer count boxes of cigars. If this is your case, that you buy your cigars only by 25 or 50 units and that your concern is more on the level of the place than the choice of your future cigars. Here is the solution to your problem! As you will have understood, you must now invest in a cigar cabinet to store your treasure with dignity. In fact, ideally keeping your cigars in their original box is the best solution, provided that they are stored in a controlled environment. This will be the role of your future cigar cabinet which is nothing other than an XXL version of a classic cigar humidor.