How to Determine the Fixtures to Use in the Shop Fit Outs Process?


Shop fitting is an elaborate process and there are plenty of things that must be taken in account. Make sure that the kind of fixtures that you intend to get for your retail space would work for you, and prove to be practical options. Here are the tips that will help you to determine the fixtures in the process of Shop fit outs Canberra.

Choose proper, low-cost modular shelving

Regular modular shelving is available in 3 pitches – 50mm, 32mm and 25mm. Pitches refer to the height for up and down adjustment of shelves. You need to choose those that can work for you, as well as the items that you have on sale. You can find Modular shelving for Shop fit outs Canberra in widths of 1250mm, 1000mm and 665mm.

Generally, units with a width of 1250mm are lower in cost as compared to the others. Thus, units of this size are made and sold much more than the others. You might find these suitable for your own retail space, or find a way to make these fit in your store, in which case – you can save money as well.

Opt for proper shelf depths

During the Shop fit outs Canberra process, you should ensure that shelf depths are appropriate for your items and that that there is enough space on each of these for the products that you will have on display for customers who would be walking in.

Look for proper gondola heights

Ensure that the gondolas are not very high. It is perfect to choose gondolas with a height of 1400/1500mm, as these can let consumers see the items displayed on other bays. The bigger your retail space is, the taller your bays can actually be.

Go for well-fitting checkouts and counters

Take care that these are designed well, to match your store. You have to spend a lot of time behind your shop counter, and it should be workable for you. The counter design should be suitable as well, to include any EPOS equipment that you would be using. These days, a lot of shop owners like to get Corian countertops. You can, however, find that real granite takes much longer to wear out and costs less as well. But if you are fixated on using granite for Shop fit outs Canberra, the tops need to be predrilled to accommodate the passage of cables for power leads, PDQ terminals, screens etc.