How to Find the Best Residential Solar Companies near You?


If you have selected the best solar equipment then the next thing to do is look for a suitable installer. If you can find a good installer then you have won half of your battle.

So, the first thing that you must do after buying your solar panel is to search for solar companies near me so that it will be convenient for you to communicate with them during the process of installation work. 

Unfortunately, you will come across many unqualified solar installers having no proper background in the field of electrical works. Besides, the solar installation will need very specialized knowledge and hence you need to hire any qualified and experienced electrical contractor having a license. 

How to look for a suitable solar company near you

To find a suitable solar company near you must follow these steps:

1. Check for certifications and licensing

The first and the foremost important thing to do while you are searching for any solar energy installation la crosse wi in your locality will be to look for whether the installer has proper licenses and also certification. 

Having an electrical license is a must and if your installer is also armed with the certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), then it will be a major plus.

2. Read online customer reviews

After you have narrowed down your search and shortlisted a few numbers of solar companies near you, then you will prefer to do a little further confirmation by reading a few online reviews about them. Few places where you can get a little information about their professionalism are:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau 

However, you must be a little wary of various online reviews, as a few of them can be too negative or too positive based on where you are looking. After looking at their review on several different review sites, you can develop a good sense of how this company will perform.

In case, you want to go a little further then you may request a reference and speak to past customers on the phone and learn a few more about their experience that they had with that company.

3. Equipment and finance offerings

Based on your research for the solar project, you may also like a solar company near you that can offer a specific kind of solar panel or any financing option.

The finance offering and solar equipment offered may vary for every installer. As an example, only certified installers will be able to install a certain make of power panels. If you are very specific about that brand then make sure that your installer company is qualified for that.

These are all the few important things that you must pay attention to while searching for any suitable solar companies near your locality. Nowadays there are many consultancy services available that can also offer you useful guidance while choosing your solar company.