How to fix leaks in a corrugated metal roof?


The job of the roofing contractors involves repairing and replacing roofs on commercial buildings and homes. Numerous roof contractors happen to be self-employed, though many construction firms prefer to employ roofing contractors for handling some significant projects, like installing roofs on the newly-constructed housing projects. The remarkable thing about the roofing contractors is they work all the time during the year.

A corrugated metal roof remains highly vulnerable to damage and moisture from strong winds because the individual panels remain linked to metal or wood trusses with either screws or steel nails which can cause leaks or become rust. Hence, strong winds do separate the panels’ overlapping edges and it makes a leakage in the roof. When roofing contractors work for fixing leaks in some corrugated metal roof then they begin the process by discovering the leaks’ source first. The next step involves using a method for fixing a specific leak.

Quick repair happens to be the key to preventing the penetration of moisture. The following is the step-by-step breakdown of the process of loose fastener repair.

  • Step 1. Inspect every fastener – For inspecting the fasteners, you need climbing up on the roof. For averting the bending of metal panels, you must notice every row of nails. You can do this by not walking between the row but walking on the row. 
  • Step 2. Pull up the compromised rails – With the help of a crowbar, pull out the nails that haven’t got flushed with a metal panel. Always use one and half-inch aluminum nail for substituting the compromised nail. Utilize a hammer for driving the new nail right into place. When the panels get installed with screws and when you observe rusted-away screw heads then you can utilize a drill for attaching one-inch galvanized screws to the affected screw.
  • Step 3. Never go backward with roof cement – You can also apply some urethane roof cement on the new screw or nail before ironing out every application with your thumb or a plastic putty knife.
  • Step 4. Observe every flashing – You must observe all the caulked seams that surround the roof and flashings. Now, if you observe cracked caulk then you need to remove it with some wire brush before applying steady urethane roof cement.

Employing skilled roofing contracts

Your metal roofs need specific tools and patience for repairing them ideally. The most important thing is you need to be confident and comfortable with your roof repairing process. So, when you lack important time, confidence, or materials, you need to employ an experienced and responsible roofing contractor to handle the repairing work.