Important Sprinkler Service Tips to Follow Before Calling a Professional


Your sprinkler system does an excellent job of keeping your grass and the surrounding plants green throughout the year. However, any outdoor system can be subject to outdoor stresses such as temperature fluctuations, pressure from the sun, burrowing animals, and tree roots. In-ground sprinkler systems can also fail due to their sensitive electronics. Valves and Hoses made of lightweight ABS, polyester, or PVC can crack, crush, break, or fall apart.

This is offset by the fact that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to repair your sprinkler system. Replacement hoses, elbows, and valves are usually only a few dollars each. It is simple to find tubing buried seven- or eight inches below the surface. You can repair or replace individual parts or sections without removing the whole system. These are some tips to maintain your sprinkler’s good condition.

1. Replace Sprinkler Valve

The problem could be further upstream with valves if your sprinkler heads don’t turn on or pop up or if there is insufficient water pressure.

The valves function as traffic controllers and open and close according to the need to deliver water to predetermined areas on the lawn. Therefore, everything downstream is affected if a valve fails.

It cannot be easy to replace valves. This involves cutting the PVC pipes that lead up to them. In addition, some systems don’t include a separate valve set. Instead, water flows directly through one automatic timer box and then through the lines to the sprinkler heads.

2. Replace the Solenoid to Fix a Faulty Valve

After determining that the sprinkler system is not turning on because of water supply problems, the problem might be a solenoid. A solenoid acts like a door inside the valve. It opens and closes in milliseconds.

Although solenoid replacement may sound complicated, it is quite simple. Replacement solenoids are available at most hardware stores and online. It takes approximately five minutes to repair. Follow the steps below to replace the solenoids.

After turning off the water supply and disconnecting the power, remove the two wires from the defective solenoid.

To remove the defective solenoid, turn it counterclockwise.

Turn clockwise to replace the solenoid.

The same wires can be connected as before.

3. Winterize your sprinkler system

Your system won’t be used during the cool and wet months in your area, so it is best to turn it off for the duration. However, winterizing your system is important especially for our Utah residents who spend the majority of the year in Winter.

The timer should not be left under pressure. The timer should be taken out of the hose bib and drained.

To prevent damage due to freezing, drain all water from the system.

Blow out any remaining water via the blow-out port. This task will require a compressor.

4. Find a break in your sprinkler line

The most difficult sprinkler repair problem is how to locate breaks in the inground line. First, you will need to locate the breaking point to fix it.

You must be very attentive and look for clues in the environment to find the leak.

A sprinkler head might be next to the pool of water, but it could indicate that water is coming from below.

Sometimes the grass may be damp but not soaked. The sprinklers should be turned on for approximately an hour at night. Wait until the water has evaporated, then turn off the sprinklers. For any signs of dampness, feel the grass near the air source.

Do a visual assessment. You might notice areas with higher or greener grass than the surrounding areas. This could indicate that these areas receive more nutrients from the water below.

5. Repair a black poly pipe that is leaking

To locate a sprinkler line leakage in-ground, first, dig. Then, use a spade or flat-bladed shovel to locate the leak carefully. While some lines may seem very shallow, others can be as deep as 12 inches. Sometimes they may be just two to three inches deep.

You will need to remove the damaged section to repair the line. Flexible polylines are a common feature of systems. To repair the damage, take this item to your local home center. It should be possible to locate a replacement line and brass or plastic adapters to attach it to the existing one. You will need the right tools and clamps for this task. Before you start, make sure they are available at your local supplier.

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