Important Tips and Information on How to Care for Orchids


If someone is just venturing into the world of orchids, they may wonder – how to care for orchids. While caring for these plants may seem intimidating at first, it does not have to be. In many cases, orchids can be easier to grow if someone takes the time to learn what they need to grow.

Remember, orchids are not like traditional potted plants. These are epiphytes. What this means is that they will not grow in dirt. Instead, they hang on the bark of trees. There are a few orchids, especially the lady slippers, that are considered semi-terrestrial and that will grow in the soil of the jungle.

While this is important, there are some tips that can help ensure proper orchid care and growth. Keep reading to learn more about proper orchid care.

Find the Right Orchid Mix

The highest quality orchid mix will include specific media that help promote healthy drainage and quality airflow. It is essential to take note that orchids will not grow in the dirt (as mentioned above). Dirt is going to smother its roots and kill the plant. To grow properly, orchids require special media. The very best media to use is one that matches the orchid along with the conditions where it is growing. For example, growing an orchid on a porch in Florida requires unique needs from growing orchids in Ohio. While this is true, with proper care, orchids can easily thrive in both settings.

Sometimes, several media options are mixed together to create a viable orchid mix. Each of the ingredients brings a unique and desirable characteristic to the mix. The ultimate goal is to use a mix that is airy and open and that brings the orchid the right amount of moisture for its specific needs.

Selecting the Right Types of Orchid Pots

In the wild, orchids will not grow in pots. Instead, they are put in pots as a type of convenience. It is essential to understand how strange this can be for a plant. The roots like to breathe and to grow freely. It is fine for orchid pots to grow outside of a pot. Unfortunately, the average home is not humid enough to support these plants. This is why a pot can be beneficial. The right pot will help to hold moisture near the roots.

The secret behind growing healthy orchids is to ensure the roots remain healthy. Typically, potted plants are judged by the overall leaf growth. However, for orchids, the growth of roots is the best indication of the plant’s health. For an orchid that is grown in a pot, it is necessary to be careful and to ensure the roots are not smothered.

Caring for Orchids

When it comes to caring for orchids, there are more than a few factors that need to be considered. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Being informed is the best way to minimize issues and ensure an orchid remains healthy.