Interim manager – an external source to manage things in companies


Many firms complain that “many times the best professional works in a recognized brand and other times not, so the best professional may not available all time. Interim management real estate helps them when company is facing a workplace crisis or business-related problems.  Below are few of features of Interim manager.

1) Do not distrust real estate

They are professionals who offer their services for which they should logically charge. It must be recognized that some real estate agencies did a lot of damage to the image of the true professionals of the sector.

2) Don’t worry about what they will charge you

If they are good professionals, they will sell your home faster, with the savings that this means from the point of view of avoiding price drops in the future.  The services must only be paid by the seller and only charge if they finally sell the home. If they don’t sell it and they don’t work for you, they don’t charge.

3) Know the prices

Although they are not regulated, the usual and reasonable thing is for the real estate agent to charge you between 3% and 5% of the house’s price. “Owners who have been selling their apartment for a year have seen its value lose 20% in many cases and sometimes more,” they point out. In his opinion, many of those who have been selling their home for much more than a year without success are those who hope to sell it without any advice.

4) Choose based on results

If you choose real estate well, you will have a better chance of success in its sale. Selling the home before makes your equity not diminish as much as you sell it a few months later.

5) Ask for references

Consult friends or neighbours who have sold their home with a specific real estate agency, although you should analyze the information they provide you with caution.

6) Search for associated real estate

That the real estate is associated with a group of real estate is a good sign. The acceptance of members of both organizations is very controlled, and only true professionals of the sector are part of them.

7) See that they have networks of action

Another indication of professionalism is to detect the real estate agencies that collaborate. True professionals cannot waste sales opportunities because the property or the buyer (depending on the case) has another real estate agency or stop offering excellent service to their client because they do not have the exact home they are demanding.