Home Real Estate Key Areas Where A Building Quantity Surveyor Might be Helpful

Key Areas Where A Building Quantity Surveyor Might be Helpful

Key Areas Where A Building Quantity Surveyor Might be Helpful

Qualifying for a mortgage loan can be a lengthy process, as buyers must prove their income, show that they can pay the mortgage, and that they can pay it on time. But it can be made simpler if you use the services of a qualified quantity surveyor. A good quantity surveyor can help you to:

  • Calculate your mortgage repayments
  • Show you the real costs of a mortgage
  • Provide a mortgage option that works best for your financial situation

Home Construction

If you’re thinking about buying a house, you can’t do it without a reliable quantity surveyor. They make sure you don’t get ripped off by overcharging for work that should be left to the professionals. And if you’re thinking of buying a flat, a local quantity surveyor will help you find a house that’s the right size and price for you.

As the name suggests, quantity surveying is an area of surveying that looks at the quantity of all the built-up land that has been developed. It is used to estimate the amount of work that has been done, or to make sure that the total amount is within the limits.


As a QS, one of the things you interact with on a regular basis are buildings. From office blocks with a few shops on the ground floor, to the grandest of landmarks, you need to understand how these buildings are laid out and how to maximise output in the workplace. The amount of space available to a building can be measured in a variety of ways, but one of the most common is the floor space measurement. This simply refers to the total amount of floor space that is available for use in a building. It is usually measured in square metres or square-feet.

Ownership and Occupancy

For as long as there have been private individuals and public bodies, there have been disputes about who should own property and who has any right to control the property. Many groups and individuals have no hesitation in bringing their differences to the courts – sometimes for very long and costly periods of time. The facts are that the law will always be there to settle any disagreement.

Regular Budget Reports

Budgeting is a key part of a commercial property surveyor’s role, and it is important to submit good and regular reports to keep your employer up to date. This ensures that they have all the information necessary to do their job properly. A good way of doing this is to take information from a previous report, update it and then submit the information through line work.

Workplace Safety

One of the key areas that is traditionally covered by a surveyor is the construction workplace, including health and safety, fire safety, access to buildings, and protection of the environment. With the Importance of Construction to the economy and, in many cases, to the wider economy, it is essential to ensure that, given the size and scale of construction projects, the contractor, his staff, and the workers have the right training, including health and safety training, to carry out the work safely.

Maintenance Costs

The quantity surveyor’s job is to provide the best possible value for money for the client. The quantity surveyor is the person to whom the client turns when they are in need of an accurate, complete and objective final value for a property. The quantity surveyor’s job is to ensure that the client receives the best value for money for their home. The quantity surveyor will work alongside the architect, engineer and developer, in order to provide the best value for money for the client.

To Conclude

There are many different services that a quantity surveyor may be required to help with, and the list can get quite long. However, it is always good to remember that there are some key areas of quantity surveyor work.

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