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Key Preparations Required Before Installing Brick Pavers


Are you getting ready for your driveway pavers installation project? Is this your first time installing your own old Chicago bricks pavers? If yes then you should make sure that you first learn how to install the pavers correctly and how to prepare the surface properly for the installation of the brick pavers.

Often homeowners think that installing brick pavers is an easy task because it looks easy. Only when they set out to actually install their Chicago bricks they understand that the entire process could be a tedious and long one for someone that is totally new to Chicago bricks installation project.

Before you actually get down to bricks installation project, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the entire process. Start by measuring the entire driveway or the area that needs to be paved with bricks. Only when you have the accurate measurements you will be able to calculate the materials required for paving the driveway or the walkway. Often people make mistakes here. They do not take the accurate measurements and calculate the material requirements but they do approximate calculations and order their materials based on their approximate calculations. If you happen to order in excess quantities, you will be unnecessarily be stuck with excess bricks. In case if you are short of the required materials, your installation process would be stuck halfway through the process. The first step therefore is accurate material calculations.

Secondly, the installation area needs to be leveled. If you happen to have a gradient in your driveway then the slope has to be marked correctly so that the driveway slopes gradually and does not have an abrupt rise. Take your time to prepare such driveways. If you do a good job with the preparation of the driveway then you will find the entire driveway installation process easy. If you do a careless job with your preparation and leveling of the surface then you will take twice or thrice the time that it would normally take for a first timer to install the pavers.

If you are installing your pavers on an existing driveway or walkway, then make sure that it is cleared fully so that the bricks are held in place correctly without slipping and moving away from their position.

It is important that you allocate adequate time for the installation process. Often first timers tend to underestimate the work involved and they tend to set aside very little time for the installation project. It is best to be generous with your time when you are planning the installation process. If you rush through the Chicago bricks installation process, you are likely to do a messy job and you would be forced to hire a professional driveway installation company after wasting your time. You could easily avoid such episodes by carefully planning the work, allocating reasonable time for the completion of the work and patiently executing the work. It is possible to install an impressive Chicago bricks driveway if you plan well.

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