Kinds of Design for Your Landed Property


Residing in landed properties, like Pollen Collection Nim Road, is like being in an interior designing dream: you’re the landowner, so you have the freedom to go all out with upgrades and improvements, and the greatest bonus of them all – there’s so much space!

So the issue is: what will you do with the space? Do you choose contemporary? Do you prefer vintage? How about a modern, eclectic, or minimalistic theme? Incidentally, what is the difference between modern and contemporary anyway?

Planning a landed property renovation is like planning your wedding. You’re working towards an objective intended to give you immense happiness, but eventually, you realize that planning flawlessness is a monumental job.

There are several tips and tricks for interior designing specific to renovating a landed property, like Pollen Collection Nim Road. A professional interior designer understands these like the back of their hand and will assist you in creating a functional and spectacular design that’s unique to your property.

To inspire you more, here are five unique landed property interior design themes to consider before you start working on your brand new home!


The minimalism theme recently has been making waves all over the internet for its thoughtful and frugal living. From Wabi-Sabi to more modern and sleek silhouettes, the gorgeous and classic vibe has turned into an interior design style sought by many.

As the term implies, minimalism embraces the “less is more” philosophy, which popularized it as a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing interior design solution for most smaller Singapore apartments. So a landed property with minimalistic interior designs is unique in ways that you can experiment with the massiveness of space you have to create a more elegant, open, and peaceful atmosphere.

When introducing the minimalistic style to    Prosser Built  landed property, homeowners have more liberty in furnishing their spaces. For example, placing a chic statement piece of art in the living area’s center will enhance the room’s wow factor without crashing the intended vibe. This is possible in a landed property only due to the additional floor area you enjoy, contrary to condominiums and HBDs. So if you are someone who believes that having a clear room surrounding you provides you with a clear mind, then minimalism might be a style to contemplate for your house.


Often deemed minimalism’s antithesis, eclecticism focuses on color, contrast, vibrancy, and embracing each individuality. An eclectic landed property will blend elements from various periods, color palettes, and textures.

However, do not be deceived by its slapdash look! Eclectic designs must be constructed carefully, frequently featuring key components that connect the look, like a certain material or color. Imagine it as an organized mess–emphasis on the organized.

Although this style isn’t easy to imitate, having professional interior designers help you maintain your eclectic appearance cohesive will make you flawlessly nail this highly aimed after style. With a landed property, you have the advantage of playing around with different ideas in every room or making a singular eclectic theme that emanates from your property.  

Since a landed property has more space, you could also experiment with darker colors that can, contrarily, make smaller houses seem closed off and compact.

That opens several opportunities to convey your distinct personality using colors, textures, and ornaments without thinking of overpowering your area.


A well-known design with the newer generation for its counter-conventional technique is the industrial interior design that contrasts and combines stripped-back finishing with contemporary furnishings, creating a realistic, tough yet sophisticated appearance.

The industrial interior design was created from turning abandoned warehouses into houses, so landed homes with this interior design possess unique qualities that revere to the basic form of an establishment. Usually, they show exposed ceiling beams or bare brick walls. Also, they are often furnished in dark, cool colors while gritty, raw material normally seen in warehouse-like steel or metal or iron is utilized in the furniture.

One more common trait of an industrial-inspired house is an open plan living idea due to its storehouse origins–making it the best interior design style to take to your spacious and open landed home. So, if you are an open-plan living enthusiast, then that can be a great style to try. Open plan living and landed property is a perfect match because it lets you make a customizable and extremely versatile area.


Scandinavian interior design includes functionality, simplicity, and cozy, warm touches. This interior design, hailing from its Nordic Origins, is closely connected with our nature. That is why you’ll see that residences with Scandinavian interior design would possess airy, bright areas with huge clear windows that allow plenty of natural light to come in.

Spaces that showcase a Scandinavian interior often feature soft, neutral tones that blend with woody accents–which is the chosen substance to work with when someone furnishes a Scandinavian-themed residence.

One more key element that differentiates the Scandinavian interior is its coziness. Wrapping soft materials over a rugged surface or balancing angular structures with rounded, softer ornaments accentuates that inviting and comforting feeling that Scandinavian interior is popular for.

With a landed home, you’ve got bunches of windows, floor space, and natural light to heighten the Scandinavian interior style and raise it to another level. To put it all together, think about distinct wooden furniture and fix-ins to maximize all the room your landed home offers you!


Now we return to the knotty question: what’s the distinction between modern and contemporary design? Modern interior alludes to the well-known interior design in the 20th century: sophisticated, clean spaces with earthy colors. On the other hand, the contemporary interior is what’s famous in the current period.

If you stay in a landed property, you’ve got the perfect chance to fiddle with the always evolving contemporary interior design style. You’ve got space to push things around, match and mix styles and pieces, play with proportions and height, and much more. That is because landed homes provide you with more spatial independence to renovate things and have your style always advancing!

Nowadays, modern houses still keep that sophisticated trait contemporary interiors possess. However, the preference is darker colors, art deco style furniture, futuristic decorations, and or decor that showcases more experimental and curvier forms.

So, don’t wait anymore and get a move on. Using your landed home, you have an interior designer’s playground, where the possibilities are limitless!