Looking for home décor? Here’s a quick checklist


A house becomes a home with the people residing in it. However, the furniture, accessories and interiors of the house gives comfort to these people to enjoy living in it with ease. Thus, a complete ‘Home Sweet Home’ can’t exclude the cosy and designer home décor Melbourne. Home décor is the most important aspect of consideration once you have a ready house in possession.

There is a difference between home designing and home decoration. Designing a house can also include making changes in the structural design of the house. But, decorating a house will only include changing or modifying the aesthetics and visuals of it. There is a wide variety of items available for home décor right from the living room which includes the couch, leather armchair Melbourne, wall clock, hangings, curtains etc. This extends to the bedroom, kitchen and even bathrooms.

There are certain home décor ideas and tips to help you start: 

  • The first feel of décor is given by the walls of the house. Prefer light and neutral shades of wall colour. They give soothing feeling and also radiate light. Whereas dark colours absorbs light. 
  • Positioning and selection of Sofa in the living can make or distort its look. Whether your sofa-set is L-Shaped or U-Shaped or any other, placing a coffee table in the middle gives a complete look and also a help to serve when the guests arrive.
  • Let your kitchen be lighted as much as possible. Hence, very light drapes or no drapes is the best idea to go. Kitchen drapes require a very regular and high maintenance too. Additionally, a fully lighted kitchen also helps you eat worms’ free food.
  • Make use of mirrors not only to enhance the look of your house, but also to give an open and spacious view of the available space.
  • Don’t over clutter each wall. An empty wall also speaks your taste.
  • However, taking a professional helps is always a good idea. They have an eye for detail and are trained so can give you more conservative as well as lavish ideas as per need.

Your house reflects your taste and personality. Be very selective for each minute details.