Most Popular Hardwood Garden Decking Nottingham


Adding decking enhances the beauty and overall value of your in your property significantly. Being a natural resource, it is the most popular choice of homeowners in extending the natural beauty of their homes. Since it is easily available and requires effortless installation, you can have a great time with your family and friends quickly.

Garden decking Nottingham is not only easy but also a cost-effective solution for many homeowners as it can be customized according to different preferences. However, you can construct garden decking from softwoods and hardwoods. Although, softwood comes at lesser price hardwood has a longer lifespan and looks highly attractive rather than softwood.

Let us learn more about the type of hardwoods that you can consider for your garden decking.


The color of Balau hardwood is generally yellow-brown to dark-reddish brown. The texture of this hardwood is interlocked with grains that contain fine and smooth textures. For garden decking Nottingham Balau wood, it contains a high rate of crushing and bending strength. Moreover, Balau wood also contains very hard, and dense tensile strength.

It falls under the category of mild bending classification along with strong support on its outer surface.


The color of Cumaru hardwood is reddish-brown, purple-brown, and yellow-brown when it is fresh cut. When left to dry, this hardwood turns yellowish-brown and reddish. However, when it is exposed to light, it takes a light brownish or yellowish-brown color.

The sapwood of Cumaru wood is about 50mm wide which is distinctive from natural hardwood and yellowish-brown. Moreover, Cumaru wood contains oil-feeling when touched along with having interlocked grain. Since it is heavy it becomes extremely difficult for garden decking Nottingham. Even it requires high polishing, the gluing nature of this wood is extremely poor.


The outer layers of this hardwood are whitish to yellowish-brown in color. Sometimes, this Garapa hardwood acquires a coppery or reddish color because of its long exposure to sunlight. The Garapa wood contains straight grain along with uniform and fine textures all along the surface.

The wood is strong, heavy, and hard. Moreover, this hardwood is also known as Brazilian Ash because it comes under the finest hardwood available around the world. Because of its lustrous golden-brown color, this wood has strong resistance to insect attack, rot, or decay. Additionally, it is the best material for your garden decking Nottingham.


The inner surface of Ipe hardwood is darker and contains olive-brown textures. The grain of this hardwood is irregular along with medium to low lustre. The texture of this garden decking Nottingham wood is oily and finely textured.

However, this hardwood contains ripple marks all along its surface.