Home Furniture Murano Glass Sculptures Decoration Is a Knowledge That Deserves to Be Studied

Murano Glass Sculptures Decoration Is a Knowledge That Deserves to Be Studied

Murano Glass Sculptures Decoration Is a Knowledge That Deserves to Be Studied

Right from the lengthy process of making these amazing art glass sculptures, to the items or even the skillful artist required for it and the decorative methods used to draw and shape their outlook is significant in the information that has earned a right to have their school of thought in the industry of interior designing.

The Murano Island near Venice has been the central point in glassmaking for such a long time, it changed the game of glass making, sculpting that has inspired and penetrated through other regions where it also got recognition from the locals.

What are the studies of Murano Glass Sculpture?

There are generally 3 major studying parts of the Murano Glass sculpture,

  • Ingredients: This is what differentiates Murano glass sculpture from the rest of what the market offers, it’s the sole reason that it’s also recalled as the purest glass amongst enthusiasts, thus the demand, first is soda-lime, potassium, and special grades of pebbles (also known as cogolli) which then are crushed to obtain pure silica to start with the process.
  • Heating & Moulding: There’s a reason these things have since occurred on an island and not in the major city, the high maintenance furnaces are lit up to liquify and shape the glass how it’s desired to be by blowing through a pipe to make blown glass sculptures.
  • Colouring: The final process is the icing on the cake, real specks of gold or silver are added to the mixture along with other minerals like cobalt to give those exceptional shades on the Murano glass sculpture.

These entire steps to make these masterpieces are quite hard and time-consuming, which is why they’re incomparable to what’s on offer in the rest of the market, cheap quality, unreliable, and simply a waste of your hard-earned money.

The history behind studies of Murano Glass Sculpture?

It all started during the 1st century in the Roman empire times, when they actually started using ingredients like quartz and silica to produce the now known as great roman architecture, fast forward to the last decade of the 12th century is when Venetians took the inspiration and innovate upon their incumbents, which started an actual boom and such high value for glass making, especially sculptures, that it was seen not just as a decorative Murano glass figure used for decoration but a store of value.

This transcended so much that, that even the elite class monarchs and leaders of the state were impressed from these art pieces that they collected them as a hobby, people like, Hungarian King Ferdinand, Englishman Henry VII, French Francis I, and even Spanish Philip II who enjoyed acquiring these valuable Murano glass sculptures.

It was in the late 16th century that these workers start to disperse, hence diffusing the knowledge in the rest of Europe, which is how the Germans, French, Spain, etc., also took inspiration from them and started their own style of glass-making factories, hence by the 17th century the main trading partner was the local region of Italy or the ottomans for Murano glassmakers, it wasn’t up until Napoleon’s departure that the industry rejuvenated.

The result and implementation of those studies?

The asymmetrical moulds, yet symmetrical detail, the deep colours with flowery patterns, the substantial thickness of the glass, acknowledgment of this sort of knowledge will result in you taking a better and wiser decision when selecting glass sculptures for your home.

What benefit would it provide to you?

The most beneficial thing from understanding the intricacies of all of this would provide you better power of choice to choose something which appreciates in value due to the long history and getting a more relatable experience of symbolic pieces of art like a Murano Glass figure of a love knot to celebrate a special bond that has stood the time, just like Murano glass-making or you’re an animal enthusiast and would appreciate a horse or a bull glass sculpture to accompany your table, whichever it may be but one thing is for sure it will not disappoint you.

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