Raindrop Chandelier For Your Home


Chandeliers are types of light that are used to light up the whole space and add an element of beauty. These are hanging lights which are generally used in living rooms or dining rooms, but, it can be placed anywhere. The light that it emits is bright and can easily light up a big space if placed correctly. Earlier, the traditional chandeliers were a suspended light fixture that had a lot of candelabras and was decorated with some beautiful beads and crystals.

These beads and crystals would generally be found hanging from the chandelier. But, with modernization, even the designs of the chandelier have changed. Raindrop chandelier is one of the modern designs which are widely used; it is decorated with raindrop chandelier crystals.

Points to follow before buying raindrop chandelier

If you are planning on installing a Chandelier at your home, it is very important to consider certain things before choosing the chandelier that you think would suit the best. By following these points, you can relax and let your raindrop chandelier crystals do all the talking.

Some of the points are mentioned below:

  • Position

The position of the raindrop chandelier is very important as it is the position of it which is going to determine the usage of the chandelier.  If it is not positioned correctly, it might not be able to fulfill its purpose or people might just not be able to enjoy its full benefits. The reason why the position if a chandelier is important are:

A chandelier fulfills the aesthetic value of a house. The designs are so beautiful that it is bound to attract people, no matter the angle from which they are viewing it. This makes it very important for the chandelier to be positioned in such a way that people are able to have a full 360° view of it.  A full view is recommended to be able to appreciate it’s beauty fully.

  • Lighting

The light that is emitted from a raindrop chandelier should be evenly distributed so that the room or the hall is able to be fully lit up. This can only be possible if it is centrally positioned.  The position of the chandelier is also important to achieve a symmetrical view.

  • Installation height

The installation height is another important factor that needs to be considered in order to make sure that the light isn’t too low or too high. Raindrop chandelier should be placed in such a way that the light is bright enough to light up the whole surrounding but not too bright. It is very important for the person to know the height of their ceiling in order to make sure that the light is just perfect. For example, if the ceiling height is 9 feet or higher, it is advised to add about 3 inches extra for each additional height.

  • Lumen

The main purpose of a chandelier is to light up the room where it is placed. This makes it important for the buyer to check the lumen of the chosen raindrop chandelier crystals. If the room where the chandelier is kept is not properly lit up, the purpose of buying a chandelier will fail. This makes it important for the buyer to calculate the lumen required for the place. It is generally determined by the place‘s aware feet. For example, in the case of a 100 square feet room, the lumen required ranges from 300 – 400.


Now that you are aware of the points that should be checked before stepping out to but a chandelier, it needs to be made sure that these points are followed. Decorate your home with the most beautiful raindrop chandelier and let the jaws drop when people visit your house and are awestruck with the beauty of it.