Six things you need to know before buying a coffee maker


The coffeemaker is an almost essential utensil for those who are passionate about coffee and like to venture into different preparations, flavors and ways of brewing. However, for your experience with the daily coffee to be even better, it is necessary to pay attention to some important tips at time to buy a machine.


Do you want an almost automatic experience of making coffee in the morning? Then you can opt for a programmable electrical machine, such as Ninja CF091 Brewer System. Can you imagine having coffee waiting for you when you wake up? It is an interesting option for those who have busy mornings and little time to prepare breakfast.

Hybrid machines

If you like coffee and espresso then it is worth thinking about getting a hybrid machine, as coffee makers and espresso machines tend to be separate machines generally. Hybrid machines take up less space and are likely to cost less than buying two separate machines. However, they may not be the best option if you are looking for the highest quality of coffee and espresso.

The amount

From a cup to a family-sized jar, there are coffee makers that can brew as much as you need. Look for the option that best meets your daily demand. Single-cup coffeemakers are great for people who live alone. Large ones can brew up to 10 cups at once. Hey, have you checked the new Ninja CF091 Brewer System?


Cup and capsule makers offer options for making hot chocolate, tea and more, allowing for delicious variation per day. However, keep an eye out for brands. Some machines only accept specific capsules from their own brands, which may limit their use somewhat.

Hot coffee

If you drink coffee all day, opt for a coffee maker with a thermos jug that will keep your piping warm, whatever the time of day. If you are a coffee connoisseur, high-end machines can include features like frothing milk, grinding beans, and notifications when the machine needs cleaning. However, it is nice to know they cost a lot more.

More practicality

According to an international study, the second most consumed beverage in the world is coffee. Supplying all this daily consumption requires a lot of effort and time, as although it is a quick process, it can be quite repetitive and tedious for many people. 

It is one of the main reasons that coffee machines have become a trend, providing more convenience and agility. To taste your best cup, just press a button, and wait a few seconds.

More quality for your taste buds

In addition to the practicality, you can also have a higher quality drink whenever you want since the result of an espresso machine comes with a more concentrated and refined coffee, usually a little more expensive, but with a great cost-benefit ratio. Anyone who has tasted coffee from an espresso machine knows how unique the flavor is, with the striking and homogeneous consistency formed through high pressure, creating the absolute perfect composition for the most demanding palates.

Diversity of taste

If you have ever seen that wide variety of capsules and sachets on supermarket shelves, they are suitable for coffee machines, and can greatly diversify the flavor of your drink. Along with milk, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and a multitude of other flavors, espresso coffee is one of the most diverse in the world, and you can enjoy it at any time with a good compatible electric coffee maker.

They are small, intuitive and can be installed anywhere

The development of the technological industry has already made it possible to create increasingly smaller and more efficient espresso machines, which you can install in small spaces in companies, restaurants or even in your kitchen, with attractive design touches and well-diversified colors.