Some things to consider before purchasing an adjustable bed


The single adjustable bed has moved far beyond traditional healthcare settings and are now found in many people’s homes. As such, they have become vastly more affordable and there is also a much greater variety available to boot.

New designs mean that adjustable beds don’t have to look like hospital beds any longer. Adjustable bed designs, therefore, vary greatly. They on the whole, however, allow the individual to raise, and lower the upper body as well as legs. This feature is so helpful in reducing back pain by shifting weight from the back.

Adjustable bed bases are quite often sold separately, however, many providers do sell a combined unit; this is convenient. Make sure you check with your seller or supplier to ensure you are getting everything you need. Bases will usually fit a wide variety of mattresses. You will not need any box springs.

Adjustable bed features include the ability to lower parts of the bed via remote control. The adjustable elements vary and as a general rule the more expensive the bed, the more features that are available. However, it is also worth considering that there are also more things to go wrong and break too!

Features include:

  • Adjustable firmness – for the lumbar area
  • Massage function – which can include a foot or a back massage
  • A timer – which returns the bed to a flat position if the owner falls asleep on it

Adjustable beds such as these are sold in a variety of sizes, be it single, double, queen, or king size. Single beds are the most simple, while double can be customised for each side. Some couples found that the place where the two mattresses meet is a tad uncomfortable.

Frames can vary in weight

This can range from 150 to 700lbs, without the mattress. This can mean that moving a bed can prove rather difficult.  This could be too much weight for some floors.

Because of the cost and a lot of moving parts, the seller’s return policy, as well as a warranty, is something you should take into consideration. A great many consumers have been rather surprised to find that the warranty doesn’t cover all parts, as such this is something you should check with your provider ahead of purchase.

PIllows can be used as an alternative to an adjustable bed whilst you are waiting to make your purchase or for your delivery to arrive. These can be placed to prop up the upper body, carefully providing support for the lower back. It can also be placed beneath the knees. There are a variety of wedge-shaped cushion sets to provide a similar raised position for both the upper body and legs.

If you need further advice, do not hesitate to reach out to a seller directly with questions, if they are not equipped to answer them comprehensively, then they are probably not the right provider for you. Do your research and make the most educated decision that you can for your health and wellbeing. Book mattress online with best deals today.