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Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your furnace to keep operating in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance plan can’t stop your need for eventual repairs. Having a skilled technician on your side is beneficial, like one from Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning when your furnace breaks down.

You might be curious about how to maintain your system between maintenance visits from Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning and how to check it before hiring a professional. Learn how to get the most out of your furnace repair in Portland, or gas furnace repair hampton va by reading the tips and tricks below.

Things to Take Into Account if Your Furnace Fails

Check the Thermostat

You should monitor your thermostat as the weather changes. Verify that “hot” or “automatic” is selected rather than “cool.” That may sound silly, but things happen, so double-checking should always be your first step. In addition, if you have kids, they might have changed the thermostat without your knowledge.

Increase the thermostat to a high setting to turn on the heater. If the “heat” option on your thermostat is set to a high temperature, your heater should start working after a short while. Continue with the remaining steps to solve the issue if it doesn’t.

Find Your Power Source

Did you know that your furnace has an on/off switch? Make sure your furnace’s power switch is turned to the “on” position, and locate the power source. You must hit this button whether you have a gas or an electric furnace.

Make sure your furnace is receiving the proper gas or electricity as well. If you have an electric heating system, check the circuit breaker to ensure electricity is getting to it. For gas appliances, make sure the pilot light is lit.

Clean Your Filters and Check Your Vents

A common cause of a poorly or ineffective heating system is a dirty air filter. The air filters in your furnace need to be cleaned frequently. Check your registers and vents to ensure no furniture or rugs are blocking them. Try to move the furniture away from the wall or lift it higher if you must place it over a register so air may still circulate.

Cleaning your air filters is especially crucial if you have pets. In an emergency, most filters are simple to clean using a hose. Buy a couple at a time if your filters are hard to obtain or have an odd shape, so you always have plenty. Find out if Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning’s maintenance plans involve cleaning and replacing the filters by asking them about their plans.

For Furnace Repair, Contact Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning

Call our team if you’ve attempted the above steps and your furnace still needs furnace repair avon oh. Our knowledgeable specialists will visit your home to assess the issue and provide you with a thorough plan to resolve it. You’ll like how swiftly we assist you and our upfront pricing. You won’t have to worry if something goes wrong after business hours because we also provide 24-hour emergency assistance.

With regard to a variety of HVAC issues, the Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning team is trustworthy and knowledgeable. We offer dependable goods that help you feel comfortable in your home and top-notch customer service. Call Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning in Portland, Gresham, and Bridal Veil, Oregon, for all your HVAC service needs.