The benefits of floor sanding


If you wonder whether sanding your floors is worth the expense and trouble, read on. Sablage de plancher Montreal is definitely worth the effort. This is one of the simplest home improvements you can make as a homeowner.

Removes the signs of wear and tear

Over time, your beautiful hardwood flooring will begin to show signs of wear. The movement of furniture across the floor, the amount of traffic walking on the floor, and temperature changes over time dull the shine and make the floors look old and tired.

Hardwood boards can be sanded and sealed again, so they will still look as good as when they were first installed. The look of laminate flooring is similar to hardwood, but laminate must be replaced when worn. Hardwood simply needs some attention when it becomes worn.

Reduces pests in your home

The spaces between floorboards are a popular home for bugs. When your floorboards are worn and develop gaps between them, these pesky creatures can enter your home. You seal up the spaces in your home when you sand the floor and coat it with a protective coating, so the bugs have no way into your home.

Reduces the risk of splinters

If the protective finish coat wears off from the floorboards, the dry boards beneath can begin to splinter. You can get splinters in your feet or in the mouth of your children if they play on the floor. By sanding you eliminate splinters, and then when you apply the protective shine coat to the boards, you prevent splinters from forming.

Cleans the floors more easily

When hardwood floors have been sanded and sealed with a quality sealer, dirt and dust do not accumulate on them or stick to them as easily as when the luster has worn off. If you keep your floors sanded and sealed properly, it is easier to keep them clean.

Enhances the durability of floors

Your hardwood flooring begins to develop spaces between the boards as it ages. The nails that hold the boards down are pushed up to the point where the heads are slightly raised. These factors contribute to uneven floorboards. If the boards are uneven, they are likely to be damaged by things moving across them. It is even possible to break off a piece of board that is slightly raised above its neighboring boards.

The nails will need to be nailed back down properly when you sand your floors. You will then sand the boards and get rid of any pieces that are slightly elevated. Spaces between the boards will be filled in and the floor’s strength will be increased.

Enhances the value of the home

You should invest in hardwood floors for your home. Beautiful hardwood floors can increase the value of your home. When you sell your home, if the floors are worn out, lackluster and dull, or have gaps between the boards, the home’s value will decrease rather than increase.