The Biggest Reason Your Heating Bill Is Too High


Winter is coming, and in this season, many people get a costly surprise when they open their electricity bill. This costly bill makes the harsh winter tougher. People hire heating and air repair Atlanta services to know about the reason behind a higher amount of bill. However, many people don’t become aware of the problem of the heating bill, and they don’t diagnose it properly. In this article, you are going to know about some reasons why your bill is high.

A leak in the ductwork:

If you use a forced-air heating system for your home heating, then leaks in the ductwork can increase your monthly electricity bill. Ductwork should be connected from the attic or basement. To avoid this problem, you need to access one of these areas. You need to feel, see, and listen to the air leaks in the ducts.

If you found the leak, then you need to call a heating and air repair Atlanta services to fix this problem.

Weak insulation:

If you ever notice higher heating costs and home heating, then you should check the home insulation. Poor and damaged insulation in the walls or attic creates problems retaining expensive heat in your house. The best way to recognize weak and damaged insulation is that your heater is running all day, but after that, your home is not getting warmer.

You need to properly analyze home insulation to fix it. In the damage and poor insulation, you need to add some additional insulation. Proper insulation can reduce the heating bill by approx 40% annually.

Thermostat issues:

The thermostat is the only thing that impacts on your heating bills positively and negatively. If the thermostat turns down 8 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours, then you can save a 10% power bill in a year. While you monitor the thermostat, it appears like an additional duty, but the modern heating system makes it easier. However, you can also hire a heating and air repair Atlanta services to fix this problem.

Inefficient furnace:

The approx average age of a home heating system and the furnace is 25 years. But if the system becomes older, it is the right time for a replacement. However, replacing a furnace system can be costly, but it saves more than 20% of energy consumption. To avoid this problem, you need to maintain it in a proper manner.

 This article was all about some reasons for getting a higher electricity bill.