The Most Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

Blocked drains are a common household problem.  Plumbing and blocked drains specialist companies abound in Australia because of the increasing need for this kind of job.  Blocked drains can be a pretty big problem as it may lead to health and structural hazards when left unattended.

The type of blockage can tell us whether the need to call for a specialist is necessary.  There are common types of blockages that we can manage at home, such as grease and oil, or minor food waste.  These can be resolved with a simple hand pump or by pouring hot water into the pipe which melts the grease, grime, oil and other residues. However, some blockages may need the intervention of a specialist, like broken garbage disposal, or a toilet clogged with diapers and other solid wastes.  And when unblocking drains, there are right tools for drain cleaning Acushnet MA and clearing them, some of which you may keep in handy to use when the need arises.


A plunger is a common tool that is used to suction the drains and remove the clogged wastes. This is a manual hand device that is very easy to operate, and so it is advisable to keep one in your home.  They also come in different sizes so try to find one that is suitable for you.


This is a very flexible drain cleaning tool that also helps you get the job done quickly.  It’s a long, tube-like wire tool that is used to push blockages all the way down into the pipe.  It has a comfortable grip handle for easier control, and a small clasp at the end that can be manipulated to pick up other obstructions inside the pipe.


It is important to have standard tools at home, such as screwdrivers, wrench, and a small hammer, as it may serve a good purpose from time to time. These also help you in unblocking drains, as you can easily open valves and pipes.


A Hydro-jetting equipment blasts high-pressure, high-temperature water in the interior of the pipes.  It not only easily breaks clogs but also cleans and clears your pipes of grease, grime, and other substances that have deposited inside. However, this is only advisable for use of a professional as it needs training and special gear to protect the operator from danger.


In order to identify the problem with precision, specialists need to use a video inspection camera inside the pipes. It saves on a lot of time and is very effective in easily and accurately identifying the cause of blockage, as well as other possible problems inside the pipe.

Be reminded that chemicals that promise to clear blockages are not advisable as they contain harsh ingredients that might destroy your pipes.

Without these tools, it would be of great difficulty to find a blocked drain solution.  And though they are readily available in the market, we must also understand the importance of our role at home in keeping our drains clog-free.