The Online Kitchens and the Right Choices


Do you dream of good little dishes prepared in the open air and tasted on the terrace? You need an outdoor kitchen. Follow our advice for a smooth installation. It’s decided, this summer, you will have your outdoor kitchen, to make the most of your garden and your terrace during sunny days. In order for this development to run as smoothly as possible, here are some criteria to respect.

The Location of the Summer Kitchen

First of all, think about where you want to install your outdoor kitchen, because once it is there, it will not budge. Prefer a location that is in line with the house, on the one hand to facilitate any water and electricity connections, but also to shorten the distance of the different back and forth between the garden and the house. Nothing prevents you from choosing a corner closer to the pool if you have one, to create a real holiday atmosphere, it will only require a little more organization. In outdoor kitchens bradenton you can have all essential deals.

Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

It all depends on the intended use of your outdoor kitchen: do you want a real extra room with all the necessary appliances and a dining area, or a simpler structure with which you can prepare your summer barbecues in a more comfortable way? Depending on your desires, the cost will of course be very different: you will indeed need to count at least 6,000 dollars for a fully fitted, made-to- measure outdoor kitchen of approximately 20 m 2, while modules to install yourself will cost around 1,200 dollars for an installation over 2 meters in length.

These different modules are sold separately for around 400 dollars each to better suit your needs. You can choose to have or not a water point with sink and tap, a worktop, a wood or charcoal barbecue area, or even storage. Made from tinted concrete, these structures will allow you to choose the color that best suits your home and the decor of your garden. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, concrete will also resist for a long time to all temperature variations, and you will only have to repaint it to give it a facelift. Another material recommended for outdoor kitchens: stainless steel.

Protect your outdoor kitchen

Whether it is custom-made or in a kit, your outdoor kitchen will keep longer if it is protected by a roof or a pergola, which will not only allow you to shelter during summer storms but also to protect the environment any household appliances and electrical outlets you have installed.

And if your budget is tight or if you live in an area where the summer period is shorter, you can always choose a large stainless steel barbecue that you can easily move on your terrace. More and more equipped models have appeared in recent years, with, for example, a water point and numerous storage spaces such as a bottle holder. These are the information that you will need to know now in the best of your knowledge.