Tips for Designing a Great Garden


The best gardens go beyond good looks. They make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They are easy to move around and maintenance is not difficult. The plants are carefully selected to serve the purpose of the garden. The following are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when designing a garden. 

  • Create a Sense of Unity 

A great garden should have a sense of unity. You can achieve it by repeating a color through a variety of plants. Color themes are great for achieving unity without being boring. Some of the best color themes include:

  • White, Blue, and Grey

These colors are beautiful and easy to achieve. Some of the best plants for this theme include alyssum, sages, cauliflower, and leeks.

  • Orange and Yellow

This theme is fun and vibrant. It is great for gardeners who enjoy bright spaces. Good plants for this theme include orange marigolds, yellow chillis, and cherry tomatoes. 

  • Purple

There are plenty of plants to suit this theme. They include rainbow chard, eggplant, rosemary, and some varieties of lettuce. 

  • Colorful Containers and Pots

Consider using colorful pots and containers to break the monotony in your garden. Feature planters can act as the focal point in your garden. Experiment with containers and pots to achieve your desired look. 

  • Plant Around a Theme

Come up with a Fence Footing trenching casa grande az for your garden and plant around it. Choose a collection of plants with the same flower color or foliage for maximum impact. Apply the theme to select parts of the garden rather than the entire garden. 

  • Control Weeds

Weeds are bad for your garden. They compete with your plants for space and nutrients and may affect the overall appearance of your garden. Consider adding a mulch to deter weeds. Get mulch delivery service st. charles mo from trusted fertilizer and mulch suppliers. 

  • Secure Footing 

Ensure that any paving in your garden is steady. Avoid slick or loose pavers. They are not only dangerous but also unsightly. While polished materials like smooth tile and polished granite may look great, they are not appropriate for outdoor spaces. Gravel is one of the most appropriate walkway materials. 

  • Multi-Functional Edible Flowers and Herbs

Herbs are great for use in the kitchen. However, their flowers are attractive and they may add a pleasant aroma to your garden. Herbs provide a variety of colors, flavors, and structure. They include lemon thyme, parsley, and basil. 

  • Plan for Growth

Ensure that your plants have room for growth. If you need to have a dense landscape, grow your plants with the plan of relocating them when they mature. Short-lived filler plants grow fast and may help you achieve the bulk you want. Some of the best fillers include golden tree mallow, delphiniums, and butterfly bush. If you choose to have fillers in your garden, keep track of them and ensure that they do not take over. 

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