Top 5 Tips for Packing When Moving House

Packing and moving to a new house can be quite a big deal. Packing can be stressful, mainly because you need to pack every single thing you own literally. There are always chances of leaving out or breaking something in the process. And it can feel terrible not to possess any item that you loved in your new house. We are here to tell you the top five tips for packing while you are moving into a new house with a moving company.

Use Boxes of Proper Sizes

While moving, you will have to buy several cardboard boxes. You might think that buying all boxes of the same sizes is a good idea. But trust us, it is not. You have things of varying sizes, and some of them are breakables like glassware or precious showpieces.

It is a better idea to pack those things separately. It is because, if you store them with harder things that are made of wood or iron, then they can clang and break. Hence, take an estimate of the number of breakables you have and buy little separate boxes for those.

Do not Cheap Out on Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps act as the barrier that prevents one thing from clashing on another. It is the defence of your belongings that shields them from breaking. Hence, we highly recommend you to not cheap out on buying bubble wraps. Bubble wraps might cost a penny, but it is the ultimate thing that will save your precious things that are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, always put an extra layer of bubble wrap around items while you are packing to shift home.

Heavier Items go to the Bottom

This is basic science. If you put a heavy thing on top of lighter stuff, then the thing beneath can crush, crumble or break. It is something all of us know, but many of us skip out while packing. Remember to put heavier things like weights, steel utensils, and similar objects at the bottom. The top of the boxes should have items like pillows, blankets, breakables, etc.

Don’t Underfill the Boxes

If you have a space left in any of the boxes, fill it up with whatever you can. It is because the chances of things banging on to each other are higher if the box is not compact. This is one of the things that first-time movers miss out on. And it would be best if you were sure not to make this mistake. If you have nothing to fill the box with, then take a chunk of bubble wrap and stuff it in. This will make the packing boxes more compact.

Use Labels

While moving from one home to another, you will have to pack many boxes. And identifying what is in each box upon arrival is a next to impossible task. To make things more organized, label the box. This way, you will know what’s in each box before you open it. Labelling boxes saves a lot of time while unpacking.