Types of Floorings

What is flooring?

The wood flooring refers to the lower enclosing surface of any building.  It is a permanent covering that lay on the floor. Flooring also applies to the process of laying flooring materials.

Flooring has always been in the process of innovation since old times. If we study the culture and life history of ancient people, we may find that even in former times floors were made of different types. Like bamboo floors and concrete floors date back to centuries. In the contemporary world in which everything is in the process of development due to the use of technology and techniques, floors are not something different. Levels are not a mere piece of concrete anymore; we may find hundreds of styles and design of flooring nowadays, every type has been updated and upgraded. Manufacturers and dealers like London Flooring Company have ensured their relevance by working together to advance floor decor themes within and outside the home. You can install a floor with beautiful colors, designs and patterns which was not possible before. Not only you may find innovations in old types of levels, but many new types of flooring have also been introduced.

Now, when you may visit the market, you will see a flood of varieties of floorings. Being available in many types is a blessing as you have lots of options, but it is also a curse as you may get confused, which one is best for your floors. Here are a few types of floorings which are a popular choice for everyone due to their usefulness.

Hardwood floors:

Hardwood floors are an ancient type of floorings with lots of varieties which are evolving with time. There are many subtypes of wooden flooring; all of them are quite popular. Few of its types are:

  • Plank Parquet Floorings: Parquet Floorings are sturdy built with elegant and decent looks. You can be creative while installing these floorings. If the wooden planks are connected in some specific directions that might become the center of attraction, and provide pleasure to eyes.
  • Laminate Floors: laminate flooring is compressed fiberboard plank with image of timber, stone or tile with protective coatings. Laminate floors are also called a classic type of hardwood flooring.
  • Timber Floor: A durable and robust type of wooden floor which provides aesthetic features of wood.

Hardwood floors are famous due to many reasons like, they are easy to clean, low maintenance durable and go with any theme of décor and style.

Ceramic and natural stone floors:

They are available in many colors, textures and shapes. Ceramic and stones are installed in different patterns of tiles. Because of their hardness, they are difficult to scratch or dent and also well suited to rainy climate places. Ceramic tiles are inexpensive and a once in lifetime installment process. On the other hand, natural stone occasionally needs installment protection and is expensive.

Vinyl Floorings:

Vinyl Floorings are considered as modern types of floorings. They are available in two types, i.e. sheets and tiles. Vinyl Floorings are a popular choice in commercial places. Vinyl is a durable and versatile form of flooring. Many schools chose it as they are easy to maintain, durable, noise insulator, less prone to accidents. Vinyl tiles are available in different patterns and bright colors.

Carpet Tiles:

Carpet tiles or modular tiles are also a modern type of lower enclosing surface. Carpet Tiles are small swatches of carpet made from large pieces of carpet. These carpet patches can be installed and combined in numerous ways. Modular tiles are rich in colors and patterns, which have made them quite a popular choice for commercial and domestic users.

Rubber Flooring: Rubber flooring is also a contemporary type of surface. It is made from natural and synthetic material, including recycled rubber tyres. Rubber floors are also called resilient flooring. They are the best type of floors in heavy foot traffic areas like children playrooms, dance floors, living rooms and restaurants. Rubber floors are excellent thermal and noise insulators. Rubber keeps the floors warm that’s why these floorings suit best for cold places.

All these types of floorings come with great benefits. Choose wisely according to your requirement.  Wooden and ceramic floors are the right choice for domestic users. Carpet tiles and vinyl perform best in the commercial sector whereas; Rubber works best for both business and household needs.