We are a leading Shopfitting company Edinburgh:


The installation of commercial spaces is the process of transporting and installing commercial furniture designed and manufactured for a retail project. Execution is subject to numerous time and operational limitations that must always be considered in the prior planning process.

Being a leading Shopfitting company Edinburgh, we are specialized in furniture installations for perfumeries, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, luxury retail, large stores … our experience allows us to undertake any type of project.

Work Methodology:

In our work methodology for the installation of commercial furniture in the physical sales space, our Shopfitting companyEdinburgh works in advance on every detail of the installation. We plan the phases of the projected space, managing to transfer the initial design to the point of sale without failures.

One of our great advantages is being fully aware of the limitations of this type of facility and being flexible since the installation is usually carried out at night when stores and shopping centres are closed. We have very little time to complete the installation and there can be no last-minute failures. Without a doubt, planning, flexibility, and experience help our clients in a safe and successful installation.


At our Shopfitting company Edinburgh, our team is specialises in assembling and installing commercial furniture in large areas, adapting planning to the millimetre to do so in record time. We study the plan in detail, to be able to analyse the assembly process and establish clear guidelines for its execution.


We have extensive experience in assembly for large companies and multinationals, understanding their logistics and specific needs. From the characteristics and guidelines of the brand to follow to the number of electrical outlets or personnel required to achieve a perfect result in a matter of hours.


Our integral work methodology assures the client and the team an optimal result and without surprises. With our professional team, you can be sure that the off-plan designs will be transferred unchanged to the physical space once the installation phase is developed.

Spaces in which we work:

Our Shopfitting company Edinburgh is specialized in the installation of commercial furniture for sectors such as perfumery, beauty, luxury, cosmetics, jewellery, small appliances, etc. We install commercial spaces in the main points of sale, knowing first-hand the installation details for each of these sectors.

We install commercial spaces in the main points of sale and adapt the entire process to the client’s schedules and times.