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What Is the Most Popular Color for Hardwood Flooring?

What Is the Most Popular Color for Hardwood Flooring?

The availability of numerous options for flooring has made it somewhat difficult to choose a flooring solution. However, more homeowners trust hardwood flooring because of its sturdiness, longevity, aesthetics, and its addition to real estate value. But choosing hardwood flooring is only the first hurdle for most people. Color, type, and design are also features to consider. In this article, we’ll be helping you find the best color for your hardwood, something that’ll complement your design plans and interior. Let’s take a dive into the favorite hardwood colors homeowners have chosen in the past, and then find the most popular color. 

  • European white oak

The European white oak is trusted by homeowners who seeks out a compromise between classical and modern aesthetics, without compromising on quality. The immerse quality of the European white oak has made it the most popular flooring in the United states. Fortunately, its high demand hasn’t affected its supply as it’s readily available and durable. While the European white oak is the most popular hardwood flooring, there are still a number of other quality options.

  • Dark charcoal

One of the advantages of installing dark charcoal, asides the fact that the dark theme is what’s currently in vogue, is that imperfections are easily hidden behind the color. Dents and scratches are also not visible, thereby making your flooring not only durable but aesthetically pleasing throughout its lifespan.

  • Cool brown walnut 

The cool brown walnut is another good choice for hardwood flooring as it not only durable but also decay-resistant. The sturdiness of the cool brown walnut also makes it perfect for heavy foot traffic. However, with age, this color option begins to get lighter but still retains its aesthetic appeal.

  • Bright painted hardwood

Bright painted hardwood, as it sounds, is appealing and is great at hiding most types of imperfections. What’s more? You can always repaint your hardwood whenever you decide. This helps to keep your hardwood flooring new and beautiful.

  • Dark painted hardwood

The dark painted hardwood flooring does a better job at hiding imperfections without compromising on aesthetics. 

  • Graphite Hardwood

Despite unfounded claims that graphite hardwood is harmful to the body, homeowners have continued to install graphite hardwood, without any regrets years later. Graphite has a dark look, helping your home appreciate bright colors like the coming from your bright painted walls.

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