What Type Of Equipment And Tools Can You Store In Your Outdoor Garden Storage?


A garden storage solution is a fantastic way to put away some belongings, such as garden tools and equipment, garden furniture and other items, that there is no space for inside the house or that are specifically for outdoor use. It is the perfect way to utilise your outdoor space and to maximise the storage that you have within your property and back garden or yard. Metal garden storage solutions provide the best option for your items, keeping them safe from the elements and the harmful effects of weathering, whilst also giving you peace of mind due to its robust security. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the items that you definitely should choose to store in your garden shed.

Your garden equipment

Your garden shed is the perfect place to store equipment and tools you use for gardening. This makes the most sense out of everything you could choose to store outside. Your garden shed is where you can store your lawnmower, your hose, wheelbarrow, garden shears and other gardening tools. Not only is it a safe place where you can lock them away for safe keeping, it is also the perfect place for you to easily get them out to use from the springtime onwards, once gardening season is upon us. There is nothing worse than the long trek from the garage to the back garden, lugging the lawnmower and other gardening tools with you. Instead, a shed is right there, where you need it. Metal garden sheds provide an extra layer of protection from the elements when considering what type of garden storage solution is best to keep your garden tools dry and in good condition.

Your power tools

For both electric power tools and hand tools, a metal garden shed is where you have the best chance of keeping your tools in good condition. Most hand tools are unlikely to be damaged when stored in a traditional garden shed, although you might have to be careful of extreme cold conditions over the winter.Rust prevention spray can help too, or you can look to a garden shed made of metal. If the temperature is too low, the moving parts within your power tools might seize up but storing them in these conditions is suitable. Always be aware, however, to warm up the tools before you use them, if they are needed during the winter. This can be easily achieved just by bringing them inside for an hour or two prior to use.

Your garden furniture

There is a wide range of garden furniture items available to your own taste and conditions, such as tables and chairs. Some people choose to buy plastic garden furniture that is naturally resistant to the build-up of moisture and mould, others want that hardwood finish or metal outdoor furniture for aesthetic reasons. With plastic furniture, always give it a wipe down and clean before you store it in a shed, whilst your wooden furniture should be treated to preserve its look, if it is to be stored permanently in your shed. Metal furniture benefits from a rust preventor being added on a regular basis.

Your bike

A bike ride is a simple pleasure either on your own or with the family, but where do you store your bike (or bikes) once you get home? Your metal garden shed could be used as your bike storage, putting them out of sight, in a secure outbuilding that protects against the elements. That way, you can unlock the garden shed in spring, take your bikes out and go out on a ride without fear that they have rusted and become damaged over the winter months. 

The benefits of metal storage sheds

It is important to understand the benefits of metal storage sheds as opposed to the traditional wooden garden shed that you might be used to seeing in a back garden. This is especially important once you’ve decided on the types of equipment and tools you wish to store in your garden storage facility.  The fact is, a metal garden shed offers a higher level of protection against the elements and internal moisture, than a traditional wooden shed. The equipment and tools you choose to store are important to you, and in many cases the items are expensive. You want to ensure that the location you store them in is safe, secure, and unlikely to damage the items over time.