What You Need to Install the Solar Pool heater


The source of alternative energy is solar collectors, which heat the water due to sunlight. This is expensive equipment, but it can save up to 60% of electricity not only in summer, but also in winter. There are options for how to make a solar water heater with your own hands. Water heating solar systems are used in domestic conditions to provide a house with hot water, heating, heating water in the pool, etc.

The solar water heating system consists of:


It is a collection of small diameter pipes. Passing through them, the water has time to warm up by sunlight.

An electric pump that creates water pressure in the system. Some models work due to the natural forces of gravity.

Piping system

Storage tank for heated water

It is advisable to install when there is a high probability of frequent changes in weather conditions. The tank will store hot water for the next (cloudy) day not available on all models. In addition, an electric heating element can be installed inside the storage tank to heat the water to the desired temperature on cloudy days. Even so, significant electricity savings are observed. The use of the solar pool heater is important there.

Solar Water Heater for Swimming Pool

Types of water heating systems:

About water supply:

  • Active – water is supplied by an electric pump
  • Passive – served naturally

The structure of the contour (for active modifications)

  • With an open circuit, in which the liquid used for hot water supply directly circulates
  • With a closed circuit (filled with antifreeze, another liquid that allows the use of a water heater at sub-zero temperatures. It circulates inside the coil, heating the liquid inside the storage tank)

Water heating method:

  • Accumulative (water is heated in a container)
  • Flowing (flows through an extended pipe system of the heat exchanger, warming up with solar heat)

Storage water heater

A distinctive feature is the presence of a storage tank where the water is heated by a heat exchanger, which can be filled with antifreeze, since this substance does not freeze at sub-zero temperatures.

Last Words

The substance is constantly circulating through the solar system. The outer contour is built quite long so that the liquid has time to warm up, passing through it. The heated substance enters the second circuit located inside the storage tank, gives off heat to the water, then, cooled, and returns back. With the help of such circulation, water is constantly warmed up for heating, a hot water supply system.

Solar Water Heater for Swimming Pool

The volume of the tank varies depending on the needs, requirements. Also, inside the tank, an additional electric heating element can be located, or a second heating circuit (from electricity, gas supply). Designed for auxiliary connection in cases where sunlight is not enough to heat the house, warm water to the desired temperature.

Metal frame for system installation.

In the lower part of the container, a hole is drilled strictly along the outer diameter of the metal-plastic (or any other) pipe.

The tank is connected to the pipe, the connection is reliably sealed.

An opening is cut at the top for filling the tank with water.

To control the filling, you can install a sensor, or a simple float system.

Provide an outlet for air displaced by water during heating.

Paint the tanks black to warm up the water quickly.

Make a metal frame for attaching containers. The device is often placed higher, for example, on the roof of a building.

Lead the pipeline directly to the place of use.