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Why Apartment Storage Spaces are Important

Why Apartment Storage Spaces are Important

When it comes to something as critical as apartment storage it is a good idea to know and understand some of the facts that are imperative for a safe and secure environment with adequate storage. Multifamily apartments that don’t provide their tenants with adequate storage solutions are setting themselves up for difficulties that can arise from various issues that make the apartment complex vulnerable to thieves and vandals. Don’t believe that tenants need extra storage? Keep reading and you might just change your mind.

Unsecured Storage

Whether the apartment provides storage or not, the tenants will find a way to stow away some of their seasonal property in various places that might not be beneficial for the property. Some apartments have long hallways that tenants will use to store extra belongings within close proximity of their apartments. After a while, when hundreds of tenants follow suit, the excess property can become not only an eyesore but a fire hazard as well.

Another popular place that tenants will try to store their extra stuff is in the area within their parking space. Renters will park their cars in their parking spaces, but purposely leave a little room at the head of the space so that they can store some of their extra things. Although it is not the same as overstuffing the building’s hallways, it can still create an ugly eyesore, and cause problems.

One of the biggest problems that unsecured storage causes is that it attracts thieves. Whether it is in the hallway or in a parking slot…or anywhere else that is exposed to public view and is unsecured. Thieves will remember the places that they came to in order to gain some free stuff. Especially if it is easy, fast and convenient.

Balcony Storage Issues

Another place that renters will store their extra stuff is outside on the small balcony. A little bit of extra stuff is probably OK to put there, but sometimes the tenants can get very carried away and try to stuff excessive cardboard boxes and other things in a way that completely fills up the space. The problem with that is that it attracts pests like rodents and pigeons. It also is a pretty big fire hazard and can accumulate hefty fines from the board of health and safety.

The Problem with Wire Mesh

Some property owners believe that they can save money by installing a set of wire mesh storage bins for the renters. Although it seems like the mesh solution costs less, the truth is that you can install secure storage bins at just about the same cost as it is to install wire mesh. 

Besides the fact that wire mesh cages are unsightly and do not give the place a feeling of safety and security, they too attract thieves. Anybody that just happens to walk by a wire storage bin can see all of the contents inside and make plans to come back later when nobody is looking. When they come back, they will also bring a few tools with them so that they can easily break their way inside of the bin and have access to anything that is in it.

The Renters Want Storage

Probably the most important factor of installing secure storage solutions into an apartment complex is that the renters would prefer to have them. With all of the competition that there is out there today because of excess vacancies during the pandemic, people that have the money to shop around and pay rent will be able to choose where they want to live based on what they want. If they go shopping for a place to live and have to compare an apartment complex with storage to one without, they are most likely going to pick the facility that offers storage. Even having an over-the-car storage solution is such a better alternative than to move into a complex that has no storage, or wire mesh storage.

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