Why should you keep elephant figurines in your house?

elephant figurines

Feng Shui is an ancient form of a Chinese belief system that stems from Taoism. As per Taoism, one can maintain the flow of positivity in their lives by balancing the yin and yang; you can do it by arranging everything in your house a certain way.

According to people who follow feng shui, it helps promote good health, spread positivity, improve relationships, and bring good luck and prosperity. People use feng shui items worldwide and place them in specific places in their houses. Some of the examples of these items can be turtles and elephant figurines etc.

The symbol of the elephant is very famous in feng shui, not just because of its positive effects on the energy of a space but also because of the visual appeal it has on the overall interior space.

However, you can only see the positive effects of placing elephant figurines in your house when they are placed in the right area. The following points will explain all the positive effects it has on the house:


You can place two elephants, either as images or as figures, at the entrance of your home. According to Feng Shui, placing elephants in the entrance area will protect your house from negativity, but their faces should be turned towards the house’s entry and not towards the opposite side. These elephants are the symbol of protection as they are strong and mighty animals.

Good Fortune

The placement of elephants can change the intention and effect. For example, if you place an image of a figure of an elephant in the living space, it promotes positivity in the house, but if you place an elephant in your study or work table, then it can encourage growth in your career.

If you put it in your office, it can promote good fortune and growth in your career.


According to Indian mythology, elephants are a symbol of strength, vitality, and harvest. Hence, placing an elephant in your house can promote abundance, vitality, and good health.

Elephants symbolize monetary growth, farsightedness, patience, and courage. So, putting an elephant in your space can add all these qualities to your personality. Bring an elephant symbol in your house for protection, good health, and abundance.

In the old civilizations, elephants symbolized wisdom, power, majesty, and dignity and were compared with dragons and phoenixes. It is true that they are important animals and represent power and wisdom in most religions and cultures.

In Indian mythology, Lord Ganesha is the most worshipped deity and has a head of an elephant. Moreover, elephants were important resources to use in wars, warriors used to ride them to go for fights or long journeys.

People add elephants in their spaces in different ways to attract other positive effects in their lives.

For example, adding an elephant figurine holding something in its trunk symbolizes balance and good luck, putting elephants around your stationery can promote good results and focus, and adding images in couture and bedsheets can foster good relationships.

You can also put elephant images in your clothes to attract positivity and protection. There are so many other ways you can incorporate elephant imagery in your life.

Some websites and stores provide all kinds of elephant symbolism and imagery products. You can search online for the best imagery that suits your space.